We are proud of the work we do. Below are some examples of how we have helped our clients:

4th March 2020  It was Sharon from PLUSS who referred me to the ‘Positive People’ program. To take part in the employability course.  After a change of personal circumstances, a family bereavement and an industrial accident I was in a very dark place trying to find a new direction and an alternative/new career.  I started to work with Cat from Pentreath and her help enabled me to get back into education and undertake a course to start my own business which gave me the confidence to make this happen.  Pentreath also sourced funding for essential equipment to turn my dream into a reality.  After working with Pentreath I can now see a much brighter future and the reality of starting my own business as a self-employed gardener.

3rd March 2020  Sarah has really helped me see workplace challenges in a different light, giving me confidence to tackle them.  She has also let me recognise my achievements and be prouder of my life successes that I used to dismiss.  I am focusing less on the negative.

3rd March 2020  We have streamlined my c.v. and brought me up to date with what employers expect today as I have been out of employment for some years. This will help me get back to full employment hopefully much earlier.

2nd March 2020  I started an IT course with the aim to also start the CAD course. Pentreath made this possible by funding a laptop for me.

28th February 2020  Getting a c.v. and a covering letter together will help me get another job. When using the anxiety workbook, I found it was difficult at times to provide answers but when talking it through, my advisor explained why I might feel this way leading me to seek further support from my GP.

27th February 2020  When joining Pentreath I was just surviving with no real way out.  After meeting Laura, I felt we started with keeping things steady because my mental health was unstable at this time.  As I grew in confidence within myself, Laura was always available and active with her finger on the pulse.  Laura helped me set up some anxiety management, counselling and finding adequate housing for my needs.  Laura has always been sympathetic while remaining professional.  I am very happy with the support I have received.

25th February 2020  I have achieved a lot.  Happy that I have achieved goals working with Amanda.  I am also happy to be very soon also accessing courses. A great help also with my own mental health issues it also helped me manage appointments more easily.

25th February 2020  To Lucy. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done during the past few months.  You’ve helped me more than you may be realise. I thought that progressing and moving forward would be too difficult for me to do but you’ve helped me realise that actually, if I put my mind too it then I could do it no matter what.  Thank you for also giving me the confidence to get out in the car even if I haven’t managed recently.  Our short trip to the beach helped me I a lot of ways.  Again, thank you and I wish you the best in the future.

18th February 2020  I’ve gained confidence since starting work with Pentreath in September.  I’ve managed to get to the interview stage for a job and have a better understanding of my future goals and the steps that I need to take to reach them.  I’ve been supported in exploring many different options and now feel that I’d be more successful in applying for and finding a future job.

17th February 2020  Ben said that every time that Lucy has visited him – she has lifted his spirits. As Ben’s parents, we feel that Lucy has added structure to his week, it’s been productive as he has managed to complete his c.v. with Lucy’s help which is going to be extremely useful for the future. Lucy was the perfect person to work with Ben as she understood his humour and was able to increase his concentration span. I have already advised a friend with a child with similar needs to contact your company also.

13th February 2020  When I started with Pentreath, my anxiety was very high and my confidence was low.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life and had little motivation to move forward.  After several meetings discussing many possible options I was asked what it was I would really like to do, if I could do anything I wanted, I had been thinking for a while that I’d like to get back into digital illustration.  (Something I’d been interested in many years before but I no longer had the equipment to be able to do so).  It was suggested that Pentreath might be able to supply some funding for me to purchase a laptop and a cutting machine which is what I needed to get started.  I couldn’t believe that finally I could see a way forward and that someone believed in me enough to make it happen.  And, so it was a week into the new year that I took delivery of the new equipment and I was able to get started with my new business.  I was so excited and my anxiety had virtually disappeared.  I felt 90% better than I had done only a few short months before. I finally had a purpose again.  I cannot thank the people at Pentreath enough (especially Sally) who made this happen and made me believe in myself again.

11th February 2020  I feel more confident dealing with difficult situations at work.  I am continuing to look for a new job and hope that when the right one comes along I will be able to apply confidently and attend an interview.

11th February 2020  When Pentreath was offered to me last year it came at a time when I had lost my way a bit.  I was full of self-doubt, exhaustion and the future looked bleak.  Ten years of working in a tough industry suddenly ended when an accident at work caused a cracked rib.  For weeks even moving for a small bit was painful, there was no going back and the way forward looked impossible. There was no way that I could do this alone and the decision to reach out for and then accept whatever help there was was the best one that I had made in years and years.  I had some mental health problems coupled with all of the shame and vulnerability that go hand in hand with that admission was a huge leap of faith. Pentreath understood but how on Earth did they know?  They never judged or belittled…  What they actually did was to share their kind and caring knowledge and experience.  They listened and understood. Over the ensuing months, I was given two mentors who were always there if needed.  Gradually, with their help, I learned new and better (kinder) ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.  Good solid, tried, tested and trusted ways.  Gradually I made changes – positive ones, – and released some really bad patterns of self-sabotage.  I met other people in a similar situation and went into the Who Dares Works course (amazing – everyone could benefit from this!)  There was also a course at “Outset” to grow my business.  I even got help with c.v. building and for the first time I realised that a c.v. could be a ‘mission statement’ – a celebration of a life lived.  Thank you all – you wonderful people – for your great help!

6th February 2020  Lucy helped me get back into education.  She made me go outside my comfort zone sometimes.  She’s helped with loads like going in to college.  I feel much better now about myself than I did in July.

6th February 2020  I started the course feeling nervous and worried but I am so glad that I did as I am now feeling very positive about the future.  I am also feeling motivated.   It has made me realise I’m not alone and there are lots of people out there that can help.  You have just got to take that step.  Christian and Sue have been brilliant, they really motivated me and gave me lots of information and techniques that I will use for the future.  I am very grateful, thank you.

5th February 2020  I was referred by my councillor I was treated for PTSD.  I was living in temporary accommodation with my six-year-old daughter and my future seemed very bleak.  I knew that I had skills and some qualifications in NVQ level three beauty but decided to learn more in the field of nail application.  I have found Pentreath very helpful in realising my ideas, confidence building and referred me to Outset which has been helpful in teaching me business skills.  I received help from Konnect.  I have funding for my business which has been a huge help and relief to me.  I will be self-employed soon and I am continuing with training and have premises to work from.  I am grateful and feeling much more positive about my future.

5th February 2020 Pentreath will look at all aspects of your life in order to make improvements.  I feel that they looked holistically at my overall situation and high-lighted areas that I didn’t realise were having such an impact.  I have a much greater understanding as to why I do things and small things can all build up to improve confidence and self-esteem.  I feel so much more hopeful about the future and I have so many more tools at my disposal.

31st January 2020 When I started with Pentreath I struggled with confidence and anxiety due to PTSD.  With their support I am now volunteering with animals and have also written and created my own self-awareness course soon to be working alongside MIND (Cornwall) to help others on their recovery.

22nd January 2020 Helped me to attain and maintain a positive attitude to finding new suitable employment. Got both motivation and encouragement to look forward rather than backwards.

22nd January 2020  I have been dealing with mental health problem for a few years because of personal problems and health and techniques to help me to reach out and find ways and techniques to help deal with problems whether it’s just going for a coffee and a chat or supporting me to join courses to help me change my way of thinking and to be more positive towards life.

20th January 2020  I am very happy to have the support of some very professional people who are approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. Progress made towards my intention to learn new skills in I.T. specifically proof reading and C.A.D.

20th January 2020 Joining Pentreath was the best thing that I have done for me.  As it really changed my view of life and made me feel more driven towards becoming self-employed.  When I joined Pentreath I was depressed and highly anxious and didn’t have a clue about what or where I was going in life.  I just felt stuck.  But with all of the support I have received in building my confidence and trying volunteering work and just getting out in the world.  I’ve gained more confidence and also am able to take time to talk to someone about me, and to do courses.  It has given me the drive I needed to be where I am now.  That’s self-employed January 2020

17th January 2020 Before I started working with Pentreath I had very low confidence and self-esteem and struggled to interact with people.  But with the support I have received from the staff at Pentreath I have been able to make real progress in my struggle to return to a more normal life and activities.  The help in my health and wellbeing has helped me not only socialize more but interact with people on a professional level.  The adult education courses arranged for me have been very useful for my self-confidence and motivation I feel that I have made progress in my ability to return to work and interact with other people.

8th January 2020 Sophie has motivated me to look for jobs.  I understand what I need to do to look for work.  She guided me but also let me do my own job search.

7th January 2020 I feel like I have achieved quite a lot whilst working with Pentreath.  When I started on the program I lacked confidence and struggled with motivation.  With the help of Sarah and Pentreath I was able to work on this and gain some momentum to help my business grow.  I was pleased to trade at several large markets before Christmas, I feat I wouldn’t have thought possible at my lowest moments of depression.  The markets were a success, I met lots of new contacts. And I actually felt proud of my achievements.  It was so helpful to have that reassurance and positive reinforcement, particularly at the start of my journey.  The regular meetings helped me to plan my activities and gave me direction which was a good motivational tool for me.  I am very grateful for the help and support I received and I hope to continue to grow my business

20th December 2019 Eric helped me by providing information and techniques to use when I am anxious and directed me to internal schemes that will help me prepare for and hopefully find employment.  We covered a wide range of topics including building self-esteem and, most important to me, managing my anxiety.  The goal setting and structuring will help me when I do move forward with employment.

20th December 2019 Eric has been very helpful, he has helped me to cope with depression, confidence building and assertiveness.  Completing a mood diary each week has been useful. He has also given me contact details for animal rescue centres that I’d like to follow up.

19th December 2019 David helped me to rationalise my thoughts and emotions.  He helped me with my PiP and disabled badge.  He worked through any worries I had. Eric helped with Confidence building, self-esteem, goal setting, coping skills and anxiety and how it affects me.

18th December 2019 I have turned a huge corner.  I am learning WordPress, how to work Facebook and take control and ask for help! If I hadn’t been on the ‘Who Dares Works’ course I would never have had the confidence to move myself forward and ask for help.  I feel empowered and positive!  For anyone needing a start in teamwork confidence this is the course to do!  A huge thankyou to everyone involved including my fellow team mates.  I hope everyone has taken a step forward, big or small.

18th December 2019 The first time I met Sue I was quite withdrawn and emotional and not thinking about myself which isn’t a bad thing but I was making myself ill, tired, exhausted and depressed.  Over the course of three months I have done SSS at WAC and am now volunteering and really enjoying it.  So that gives me something to think about and focus on.  I have now learned to say NO. I have learnt to dig deep inside myself to find out that I am a very strong person when I now help others and myself at the same time.  This is all down to Laura, my mentor, and Sue from Pentreath.

18th December 2019 Pentreath has helped me to focus on my future goals and push myself out of my comfort zone.  It has helped me in questioning my self-doubts and trying harder to recognise my achievements following lots of negatives.  My temporary contract has been extended to at least a year which has helped me to realise that I am capable of doing things well and make good impressions.  I am also getting more painting commissions which is helping me feel more positive about continuing with my art part time also.

17th December 2019 During the past five years, from the age of 60 I have been recovering from Mental Health issues caused by a domestic violence incident.  I lost my way and my identity; Pentreath have been a valuable source of Enablement road signs for me to access. I enjoyed meeting with change coaches to discuss how I can regain some structure.  The activities that I have been encouraged to research and join have helped me to renew my future.  I am able to take my time and relearn how to interact with people and feel a sense of achievement.  Anxiety to leave home everyday and face new experiences are on-going issues.  However, with the continued support and structure to plan outings I am gradually recovering.

16th December 2019 Pentreath has given me access to technology that I thought that I had lost.   My advisor has given me the facts that I required and the numbers and information I need to go forward such as contacts and support groups.

16th December 2019 Assertiveness!  I realised that I needed to work at this and put myself first.  I also needed to set achievable goals, relax and not punish myself.

13th December 2019 I’ve enjoyed the help and services provided by Nikki and Pentreath.

12th December 2019 Everything that I have been told by Eric has been a God-send.

11th December 2019 I found the leaflets that Eric gave me during the PMs to be very useful, as well as the information he gave me.  I am not able to work or look for work and Eric has helped me greatly by appealing the decision to turn down my PiP claim.  He has given me the support that I needed to be able to do this along with a letter from my GP.  I would not have been able to do this on my own.

11th December 2019 I have felt a lot better with myself and am a lot more confident about my future and I understand why I feel certain ways and have to help myself.  I worry much less about things than I did previously and have learnt new coping methods.

10th December 2019 Pentreath helped me get more sleep. They also boosted my self-esteem.

6th December 2019 After getting injured, I never thought that I would be useful, at least not until I got better.  However, I didn’t get better and the feeling of uselessness remained.  Pentreath and the caseworkers who helped me made me realise that I could contribute in my own way, whether that be by volunteering or getting back into school after what felt like an age.  They pushed me just enough to make me realise that I could still accomplish things that I would never have thought possible a few years ago.

5th December 2020 Working with Pentreath was extremely beneficial both in the sense of helping me find employment and my own self-confidence, my advisor Nikki was very efficient in helping me discover new and interesting opportunities for training courses: for example, not long ago, I just completed a chainsaw training course run by Lyhner.  I wouldn’t even have heard of this course if it weren’t for Pentreath.  I am very grateful to them and would always recommend then to anyone who is in my position.

5th December 2019 I found it very helpful in structuring my future.

28th November 2019 I have noticed that I always predict the future that I am not going to do well, then I do it. Now I have become more confident and I now notice when I am predicting the future.

27th November 2019 Pentreath has helped me get into volunteer work at Eden.  It has helped set goals for my future.  I can go in a straight line.  I can just be honest and talk about my feelings.

26th November 2019 Full time education – L2 childcare course (my biggest fear since I was 13).  I can get on a bus on my own (That’s really important to me).  Less anxious (I can go to college and do stuff).  Part-tine work (talking to strangers).  Lucy supported me to do all of this.

26th November 2019 In the beginning I was destitute, on the slippery slope to hard drugs.  I had not come to terms with my entire past as yet.  With debts mounting and with my physical and mental health in decline.  With Pentreath’s help I have come to terms with my past and realised that I do have a bright future.  My debts and drug taking are under control, I have transport almost sorted and I am attending classes to further my education and hopefully get onto a degree course in an Engineering subject at some time in the future.

22nd November 2019 My school referred me because I had uncontrollable anger and was excluded regularly.  Lucy helped me to create an anger management plan for what to do when I start to feel angry.  She also helped me learn what my triggers are.  Now I can control my anger and I use my plan which involves ‘ignoring which ever trigger it is’.  Lucy also helped me create a C.V. and helped me to become more comfortable in myself.

19th November 2019 Pentreath has helped me move forward in terms of my well-being and belief that I can overcome anything.

14th November 2019 My confidence has improved hugely.  Being aware of my activities and physical boundaries and being able to cope with them much better.  I’ve started attending an art class and started a food course – being able to attend without a negative impact on my health.  Taking small, considered steps in a positive direction.  Thank you for helping me smile again.

8th November 2019 When I first started with Pentreath I struggled with my Mental Health daily.  I was unable to pursue what I wanted but since I got support from the team my mental health improved massively and I was able to work setting my goals to get my own business.  I have now set up my very own cleaning business along with much needed coping strategies for every-day life.

4th November 2019 My experience of meeting Niki was characterised by a relaxing and informal atmosphere at my choice of local coffee shop (within my local community).  We discussed my reasons for self-referring and my personal circumstances and ways in which Nikki and Pentreath would be able to help.  One of the benefits of Nikki supporting me is that I feel more confident and have regained my love of learning, I am a full-time carer and am restricted to time so home study suited me much more and with Nikki’s help, she obtained a ‘chrome book’ for me, this has helped me achieve counselling skills level 2 and am now doing Advice/Guidance level 2.

23rd October 2019 I have gone from not knowing what to do with my life to applying for jobs in manageable steps.  I’ve had help with C.V. applications, interviews and courses without Sarah’s help and support I would not have felt able to do this.

17th October 2019 I feel like I’ve achieved a better understanding of my Mental Health and different ways I can manage and things I can do to distract myself and boost self-esteem. I am a lot more confident within myself now.  I’ve started two new jobs now and I’ve been working lots recently, meeting new people and working with the public.  I overall feel better in myself and feel more assertive and not afraid to say things or how I feel anymore, because I know that I deserve better.

13th October 2019 I started work with Sophie this year and at the beginning of the year I had just moved to Cornwall and was struggling to find my feet.  The year previous I had spent in bed so I was unable to go to college and I have come along so far since.  Sophie has supported me with my concerns with reintroducing myself into society, I am soon to be starting volunteering with a local food bank.  Sophie has also given me confidence to begin my search for paid work.

7th October 2019 I first met Lucy 7 months ago.  I had taken around 3 years out of school/college due to anxiety.  I completely avoided things like answering the door and telephone, getting on the bus, walking to the shops on my own and felt so overwhelmed with anxiety that I couldn’t see a way out. I now do all of these things, I volunteer at a charity shop and have just started Maths and English courses and a hairdressing course.  I can’t believe how far we have come!  Lucy made me feel so comfortable straight away, to talk when I was struggling but still giving me a gentle push when I needed it to keep me going.  Lucy helped me break down each thing I struggled with into smaller a steps, slowly building up from there.  I am so grateful for all of the help I received and feel that I have things back on track and am excited for the future.

4th October 2019 Pentreath gave me more confidence and self-belief to help me keep my job and make it permanent.  Having someone to talk to about fears at work and the challenges I faced.  This (helped) me break problems down and now I can face people and work through things.

30th September 2019 Who Dares Works was recommended to me by my doctor.  I suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Having seemingly nothing to aspire to and the isolation that classically accompanies this condition was making my situation worse and worse.  I came along to the six-week programme where I felt like the member of something and a real person for the first time since I can remember.  The staff and my mentors (Tracey and Laura) could not have been more supportive, understanding and positive.  All in a very ‘human’ and approachable way.  I enjoyed the six weeks interacting, learning and laughing, I also received 12 sessions of EMDR through the charity.  I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it is making to me now!!  Because of my mental health problems, I’ve now been able to get a new home. WDW have remained just a text away and I have met up with Laura in my new home.  This has calmed me down no end and we have devised a plan for me to keep busy and hopefully get well on the road to recovery!  I couldn’t be more grateful to the team. It has really spring boarded me with real hope for myself and my daughters’ future. I am very optimistic. Thank you!!!!! 😊

30th September 2019 I feel compelled to share the absolutely amazing journey I have been on since joining the ‘Who Dares Works’ program.  I started newly unemployed, recently diagnosed with ME and depressed. The first 6 weeks was hard, I found it very uncomfortable being surrounded by so many people but it actually helped me brush-up on my social skills and overall prepare me for ‘re-joining society’.  I met Tracy and Paul in the first couple of weeks, Tracy lights-up the room with her happy mood and cheerful personality, a genuine lovely person!  Paul was an invaluable help at getting me the financial help I am entitled too. Paul, I cannot thank you enough, helping me through every stage of the application process and even attending a very nerve-racking interview with me.  I have since had regular meetings with Sue who with magical efficiency managed to help me organise my thoughts and start feeling positive and clear, all for only five cups of coffee!  Laura is my current mentor/life coach/fellow artist.  During our meetings I have learned a lot and go away feeling energised and excited to progress to my ultimate goal which is to be self employed by running my own creative workshops for mainly pewter focused work.  I recently had the most present, mindful therapeutic meeting with Laura, we went to a café where we could paint ceramics as we chatted and had a coffee.  Laura and I were inspired which created a unique and excellent opportunity to research how someone else operates a similar creative business and be feeling relaxed enough to come up with ideas for my business.

27th September 2019 I am now out and about and have joined groups which are really helping my mental health.  I have done some gardening, i.e. growing, picking and eating fruit and veg.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I am also doing crafty chat, which is an art group.  I am really enjoying it because I am learning new ways to make cards and crafts which I love doing and I really enjoy learning new things.  I have also made friends which is really boosting my confidence.

26th September 2019 I’m managing better at school because of the sessions.

25th September 2019 I have achieved sanity and got a job so I feel that I am on the road back to life again.  Before their intervention I was having auditory and visual hallucinations but with your help I have found my way back to reality.

25th September 2019 Pentreath has helped me have the confidence to take the next step.  The advice on restructuring my c.v. was invaluable.

24th September 2019 At first, I was shy and had a lot of anxiety when I first met Matt and Lara I cried and Matt took me to one side and talked to me explaining to me about the course until I felt better and had calmed down.  I managed to have more meetings and met new people.  Pentreath have become a big part of my life and are like friends that have helped me along my journey.  I am now more confident and happier with my future and with where I am going and don’t want to leave as I love it so much.  I will definitely be recommending the services to everyone and will be forever thankful for everyone’s help and time.

24th September 2019 I feel things have improved and I am more confident.  Jenny has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone a bit and I am happy about this.

18th September 2019 I feel as if I’ve slowly achieved a few things since working with Emma, Liz and Tracey.  My c.v. is now in order and looking much better.  I have been given lots of encouragement which helps me feel batter in myself. For a change I now put myself first rather than others.

17th September 2019 From day one things moved forward first off seeing Amanda from NLP in Penryn was a God-send for the first time I was able to understand what I was going through with my depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD – it all seemed to be making sense.  I was now getting out more which was new to me.  Both Carly and Sally made me feel human again and that life was worth living.  I am starting an IT course soon through Pentreath’s help so again moving on with learning new skills to get back to employment.

13th September 2019 Working with Zoe has helped me with my Mental Health and understanding the causes of my worries.  I’m glad I have been in contact with someone who has been so helpful.

13th September 2019 Before working with Pentreath I couldn’t go out, communicate with people, or understand my mental health, now I have started college I have been out every day and learnt how to understand and cope with my mental health.  I’m a better person and a lot more confident since being with Pentreath.

10th September 2019 I believe that working with Pentreath has allowed me to feel relaxed and confident in myself. The regular input and the quality and encouragement of stall members have empowered me as well as making all the necessary tools available to me to achieve my goals and aspirations.  I now feel more able and confident to conduct myself in a safe and comfortable way in my relationships. Thank you, Pentreath.

9th September 2019 I was unsure about working with Pentreath but was soon glad that I had got involved.  The access to courses and the monthly meetings were a great help to me and through access to a sculpting course I now make and sell my own sculpture work.  It is, I think, an invaluable opportunity for everyone who needs focus.

5th September 2019 I have bipolar II and Comorbid General Anxiety which has meant that I have been unable to work for some years.  After settling on a regime of medication my psychiatrist and I felt it would be advisable and beneficial to reach out for help.  My main issues where that dealing with bipolar was difficult but the anxiety had had a serious effect on my confidence and ability to deal with social circumstances.  I referred myself to Pentreath and was assigned a mentor and got involved with ‘Who Dares Works’.  I initially did a six-week team building course which led me to meet Kirsty and we did several applications for adult learning difficulty services and after three attempts, interviews etc.  I was offered a job.  I am now looking forward to starting this role.  They are very supportive and understanding of my difficulties and feel the work will give me great satisfaction and help even more with my mental health.

5th September 2019 I started to work with Christian in October 2018 when I was still in recovery from a burn-out and bereavement.  As I became more stable, Christian introduced me to the Work-Ready Club and with the help of Dave and Sean I updated my understanding about updating my C.V.  and how to write a personal statement I had a job interview with Exeter University.  Even though I didn’t get the job it gave my confidence a great boost to get to the interview stage.  Christian introduced me to Sue, the Wellbeing mentor, I appreciated our conversation very much and it was a great support.  I am overall in a much better position.

5th September 2019 I started to work with Christian in October 2018 when I was still in recovery from a burn-out and bereavement.  As I became more stable, Christian introduced me to the Work-Ready Club and with the help of Dave and Sean I updated my understanding about updating my C.V.  And how to write a personal statement I had a job interview with Exeter University.  Even though I didn’t get the job it gave my confidence a great boost to get to the interview stage.  Christian introduced me to Sue, the Wellbeing mentor, I appreciated our conversation very much and it was a great support.  I am overall in a much better position.

5th September 2019 Confidence – grown: I will now speak-up if something does not feel correct. Self-esteem – build people up don’t drag them down. Diary – Organisation, structure, motivation, planning. Alison.com – Free online marketing, law and more. I will keep on going back to here. Part-time employment – I have this now.

5th September 2019 It has been really useful, I’ve been given guidance to get where I need to get to and I feel that Pentreath have helped a lot more than other people.

3rd September 2019 When I first started with Pentreath I had very low self-esteem, low confidence and mood. Being employed was the last thing I wanted as I had no energy or motivation. Along my journey I have been fortunate enough to have help and support with all these areas. I was struggling building my confidence and dealing with anxiety has been a massive hurdle. Having the support network has been invaluable to me. It has enabled me to be more positive and motivated about myself, my employability and wanting to go back to work. Mt mental health, physical health and all-round well-being have completely flipped for the better. I know I still have a way to go but I feel fortunate to finally have the support I desperately needed. I am very thankful.

2nd September 2019 I’ve been trying to recover from a difficult point in my life, unfortunately, but with my mentor who represents Pentreath, I’ve been at least made progress in improving my life in ‘certain’ areas and I will.  I’m sure I will with the help of professional therapists and being referred by Pentreath onto the support, advice and guidance provided by Lizard Pathways.

30th August 2019 When I first met Carrie, I was so shy and would constantly have panic attacks and always feel really low about myself. I also wasn’t in school and didn’t complete year 11. Carrie has helped me to complete my GCSE’s and re-sit year 11. Also, I have become a much better and more confident person because of my help from Carrie.

27th August 2019 I started working with Lucy from Pentreath in Sept 2018. I told Lucy that I wanted to find voluntary work in a shop as I was studying at St Austell College doing an employability course and thought I could do this. But in January 2019 – with my mum’s help – I told Lucy that my dream job would be a professional wrestler. On Sunday 11th August I started training at the REACH Academy, Jason Clark wrestling, in Devonport, Plymouth and have gone every week since and am living my dream. This has helped to make me more confident and I know that without Lucy finding out and arranging this for me, I wouldn’t be doing it. No one else that I have worked with has ever been this helpful.

27th August 2019 Since working with Pentreath I have begun work experience at Trebah Gardens and have chosen to do the level 2 Horticulture course at Rosewarne College.  These are major steps towards becoming qualified, confident and ready for work.

23rd August 2019 My experience with Pentreath has been really positive and supportive. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting initially – I was looking for support for my mental health as well as this they were able to signpost me to business support and also provide me with essential equipment that I needed in order to pursue my writing career. My work was shared by Sally on Falmouth FM as part of their discussion about ‘Journeys’ recently and I am excited about my writing future.

21st August 2019 At the beginning I felt nervous, anxious and scared to meet-up but I did and Emma was really nice and helpful and helped me throughout my journey. Now I feel better about myself and more understanding about my illness.

20th August 2019 Who Dares Works has helped me find my confidence and team work skills and has helped me with my shyness and Who Dares Works partners have changed my life and they will change other people’s lives.  Thank you for the help you give to everyone and thanks to Who Dares Works and Active Plus for everything you are doing and best wishes to the future of the project.

19th August 2019 When I started with Pentreath I was at the lowest point in my life.  I couldn’t see a future for myself and didn’t want to live anymore.  With the help of my mentor, Christian, I have managed to turn my life around in the right direction and am beginning to see that I do have a future.  Also, I went from not going out at all to attending the leisure centre for swimming regularly with the help of Sue, a well-being mentor.  I would say that I owe my life to Pentreath as without the help and support I doubt I would be here today.  Thank you to all of my mentors at Pentreath.

14th August 2019 Before I became involved with Pentreath I had never really had much support, so the time working with Gemma has made a huge difference to my life in a positive way. I feel more confident and more determined to better my life. Working with Gemma has been the support and guidance I needed to push myself to be more independent and have the confidence to do things I wouldn’t have done.

14th August 2019 Wendy, my IPS worker began by asking me what my goals were and where I wanted to be in five years’ time. Volunteering within my local community was one of my short-term goals, with a return to meaningful work a long-term ambition. Wendy has helped me to plan, identify and engage with volunteering opportunities as well as helping me with transport. We have regularly discussed opportunities and Wendy has helped me make decisions regarding potential work opportunities in the future.  Volunteering has been a challenge at times, but has helped move me forward through having meaningful activities, having a routine and being able to contribute to my community. Wendy’s knowledge, energy, experience and commitment have been invaluable in keeping me focused on my goals during difficult periods and helping me to maintain the hope and energy have needed during this stage of my recovery journey. Wendy works in an empowering way, supporting me to make the most of opportunities and continue my recovery journey. Her personality is a real boon in building rapport and maintaining a can-do attitude. Wendy has been a consistent positive presence during the time that we have been working together I have found her to be a valuable ally during my recovery journey and Recommend IPS to anyone who wants to engage and move forward with volunteering, vocational and educational opportunities.

13th August 2019 I feel more able to start a conversation since meeting with Jenny. I like being around people and the interaction between myself and others helps to build my confidence – so this makes me feel better in myself.

8th August 2019 Initially my GP was able to prescribe some social and therapeutic help for me so I began helping out with the “Eden on Prescription” programme at the Eden Project at Vounder Farm. It was here were the BBO project was really able to help me a lot with direction and support. Through BBOI was able to access courses in social and therapeutic horticulture which I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to complete. I also got support from Pentreath with access to the gym and swimming pool. Many thanks to Kirsty and Nikki for really, really helping me feel normal and connected and providing me with a precious opportunity to find new purpose.  I’ve now been able to enrol on a Cornwall College Horticultural course which on completion will be another big step towards my goal of achieving worthwhile employment and job satisfaction. Thank you to everyone at Pentreath.

6th August 2019 Pentreath has really helped me to move forward with my life. I have been able to start volunteering with children and also attend a local art group where I am learning lots of new skills. I am also planning on starting volunteering at a local animal shelter. Steve helped me lots. He is friendly, approachable and supportive. I would definitely work with Steve again! Thank you, Pentreath.

6th August 2019 I feel more confident. I have been able to move forward with things. I went to the doctors to get antidepressants and have got a family worker for my daughter. I feel more positive about the future.

5th August 2019 Through Pentreath I have gone from always dreaming of being self-employed to making it actually happen. I can confidently say that I have now gained copious amounts of knowledge in business start-up, sewing skills. Finance and marketing which has given me the confidence and happiness to be my own boss and move forward. I’ve attended lots of courses including 1 to 1 lessons which were very helpful. I couldn’t be more grateful to Emma for making this happen for me.

30th July 2019 The staff have helped me very much to find volunteering jobs and with my mental state by pushing me to go out more and stay more active.

29th July 2019 The Pentreath service has helped me to get into volunteering and given me the push needed to start something new and begin my journey towards becoming the best version of myself that I can be.

29th July 2019 I had been in long-term employment prior to relocating to Cornwall. I took up seasonal work, and once the season ended I wanted to look for employment on a more permanent basis. I recognised now that I had lost touch with the employment application process which proved quite overwhelming. Through working with Nikki she was able to identify my needs and we were able to set up a plan to address them. To anyone thinking of accessing this service I would say “Go for it as there are lots of different support available, working at your own pace and easy to access”. My job search continues and I feel much more confident since I began working with Pentreath. So thank you, your services are much appreciated.

24th July 2019 Pentreath helped me get the necessary training for my job at St. Michael’s Hotel and spa.

22nd July 2019 I was sceptical about my chances of returning to employment before I was signposted to Pentreath. I had been let down by several other support agencies in the past. Since teaming up with Faye and her colleagues, I have regained my self-esteem and confidence and have returned to employment as a self-employed massage therapist. The main reason for my success is Faye who has genuine empathy for her clients and is a creative thinker. Faye has managed to evaluate my skills and objectives and provide me with sound advice and motivation. I am grateful for the useful and practical support that Pentreath has provided.

22nd July 2019 Meeting in cafes helped to get over my fear of leaving the house and being in a public space. One of the cafes being in a supermarket helped me to edge closer to shopping in a supermarket again – which has helped my confidence.  Though challenging at first, being able to talk about anxieties has helped to make me feel more like a person and has left more space in my head for other things. Developing my c.v. and creating plans to support getting a job and going back to University has been very helpful in developing myself and my identity. The opportunity to exercise with others at the ‘Get Set, Go’ project helped me to be around others in a supportive environment – I laughed for the first time in ages!

17th July 2019 Lucy has helped me to have self-confidence, control my anger and help me have self-control over situations if I get angry. I used to have outbursts and not listen to anyone but thanks to Lucy that has changed.  I used to have very low self-esteem and was unhappy with who I am but Lucy showed me and taught me that no one should bring me down and that I am special in my own way.  I am very thankful for Lucy’s help.  It has made me a better person.

17th July 2019 I was referred to Pentreath by outlook South West and it was a good move. Amanda and Eric were so friendly and eager to help.  I’m currently struggling with a number of issues both mentally and physically.  Amanda helped organise my issues with work, the jobcentre and doctors.  She also pointed me in the direction of some groups that help out.  All in all, I definitely recommend Pentreath if you’re in need of support.

11th July 2019 My confidence grew whilst working with Sarah. Her patience and understanding gave me time to be myself. I now have plans for the future to study to be a lawyer but realise that I must sort out my mental health first.

11th July 2019 I met with Sarah while I was thinking about looking for another job. We worked through self-esteem and confidence issues as well as working towards job hunting.

9th July 2019 When I first joined I was always feeling very stressed and low. I sometimes felt that I had no one to talk to and that I was alone. It has also helped me to open up and think more positively.   I now feel a lot happier and calm because of the support and advice given to me.

9th July 2019 My time with Pentreath increased my confidence by helping with my options and opportunities. Suggestions regarding sewing/craft groups and signposting to ‘Rethink’ has given me hope that I will be able to reduce my isolation.  Plus looking at voluntary work to help me get out and meet new people with different interests assisted in helping me see more positives.

4th July 2019 I have enjoyed these courses, especially the cooking course. I have learnt how to eat more healthily and have a better diet.

2nd July 2019 Working on assertiveness gave me the confidence to ask for the support I need.

2nd July 2019 Not sure where I wanted to go with my work/training I mentioned building sites and Sarah found a course for ‘Plant Operators Level 2’ at Stoke Climsland. With the help of Cornwall Learning Partnership.  I am now being funded to start in September 2019.  After the course.  I hope to gain employment in an area.  I know I will be happy.

1st July 2019 Having suffered from anxiety and depression for decades, the knowledge and realisation that I am not alone in my feelings, knowing that many other people have the same or similar feelings and thought processes has been a revelation. I am confident to say that having understood my feelings and learnt coping strategies, I can go forward to a whole new life.

27th June 2019 One to one sessions with Eric included Anxiety Management, Self Esteem, Confidence building. He also helped me get some funding so I could go horse riding which is what I love. And was one of my main goals.  This has also given me the confidence to return to work.  I now see a positive future which I couldn’t see before. Eric has been very kind and helpful to me.

27th June 2019 The support I have had has helped me. Talking about how I feel has helped because I can let it out and then I feel happy.  Doing the breathing exercises makes me calm and I use it when I get stressed.  I used the breathing technique yesterday when I got a phone call from ESA.  I stayed calm and was able to talk to them instead of getting angry.

26th June 2019 I came from a place where I knew there was a lot wrong with my life and I had let myself become a hermit. I realised that I needed external support and direction.  I felt that Carly took a lot of care to understand what I needed to do and fully engaged with achieving that.  She empathised with my issues, identified the journey that I had to go on and put some good resources in place.  Along with my G.P. and support from ‘Mandown’ to which I self-referred and all I had to do was keep turning up.  The whole process has really transformed me and opened up new horizons and better mental well-being.

24th June 2019 Having a space to explore and reflect upon things has been really useful. I feel more relaxed about using public transport now.

24th June 2019 Was a great experience to have people understand your issues and have productive ways of looking to get most out of life in supportive ways. In understanding myself more and feeling understood allowed me to take on changes that have vastly improved my quality of life with Pentreath’s support.  I look and hope for this to.

21st June 2019 I found the support useful in getting me back in to my working environment. Eric supported me in accessing social groups and is very understanding about my situation.

20th June 2019 We worked on building self-confidence which helped a lot towards my plans and I have now done a bit of voluntary work which has boosted my self-esteem and I am now looking forward to working again. Eric has helped me know how to control my mental health. I am also more confidante in talking to people I feel more motivated to do things and in setting myself goals.

20th June 2019 The support I have received has been first class. Everything Sally has said she would do, she has done. When I contacted her nothing was ever too much trouble. I am very grateful for the help I received.

17th June 2019 I have learnt to manage my anxiety which has had an impact on my self-esteem and confidence.

14th June 2019 Zoe has helped me to understand how I feel and has helped me work towards improving my hope for the future.

13th June 2019 I have enjoyed working with Gemma and Nick. They have both been amazing and really supported me through everything.  They helped me in building my confidence and became more positive about my future.

10th June 2019 I have been supported to access a good work course which I really enjoyed. I learnt new skills and met new people.  I also got involved in a beach clean through the ‘Atlantic and Moor’ project.  I had support to access and start a maths course which I attended about four or five sessions of.  I have had health and wellbeing support in which we went to the harbour on walks.  We discussed anxiety management and built on confidence and self-esteem and am looking forward to accessing the food for change course to commit to catering and cooking training.

10th June 2019 Although I changed my mind quite a lot I have always wanted to be moving forward in my life. I have appreciated all that Jess, Gina and Stacey have don and admit that I have changed things a lot but this is to do with my anxiety. I did start the course in Camborne but on reflection feel that my focus needs to be on my mental health for now and that I should not commit to anything else. Thanks for all of the support.

5th June 2019 Since I started with Carly I have gone from strength to strength. Everything I have achieved over the last seven months wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the Positive People Project. I was a recluse and somewhat trapped within the confines of my home. Carly along with Helen, Nick and Hazel have helped me become more confident with myself and who I am: but more so with my mental stability enabling me to get to a ‘normal’ level of a life.  The work with Helen (meditation and breathing) has helped me whilst out and about.  My work with Nick (Well-being Mentor) has helped me to deal with the more stressful situation whilst out in the town etc.  My work with Hazel (Self-Employment Advisor) has helped me to achieve my personal goal of owning my own business. Without the help of Carly keeping me busy with this and making sure I have the best help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can’t thank the support given by Pentreath and the Positive People Project enough. Definitely an easy process and made somewhat Pain free and almost enjoyable.

4th June 2019 Wendy helped me find choices for volunteering and built my confidence to approach my volunteering placement myself. Wendy ensured that my mental and physical health would be protected in that placement.  I started attending the volunteer placement – one morning a week and am now about to start two days a week.  The volunteer placement helps me socialize and meet new people; it gives me a routine; helps keep me focused and gives me hope for the future.  Eventually I would like to move into employment.

28th May 2019 I have managed to apply for my PIP for which I couldn’t do before. I felt unable to accept my diagnosis of Myotonic dystrophy.  Amanda sent me a pile of information about it and my PIP application.  I thus felt able to read up on my illness and start to get the PIP claim form complete.  I was on the waiting list for the community physiotherapist and occupational therapist and Amanda recognised my need for more urgent support and as a result I was seen the physiotherapist in my house and they helped me with my mobility.  I have spoken to the vicar who is also a counsellor to help me my grief (and also my sister) I am now going to get grief therapy.  Amanda also put me in contact with the expert patient programme and is awaiting a course near me.

28th May 2019 I found that Pentreath has given me a lot of support in helping me move forward.  They have helped me to set achievable goals.  Since starting the project I have started volunteering and have enrolled on a painting course which I am really enjoying.  Steve, my advisor, is friendly and has really helped in my recovery.

24th May 2019 When I first met Zoe I was very anxious, I had just left college and didn’t really know what to do. Zoe let my Mum come to the first few sessions until I became more comfortable and was able to go alone.  She helped me write a C.V. and build up the confidence to hand it in.  She told me about other services I could transfer too after this and helped me to understand that leaving college was a good choice for my mental health. Zoe has been a really good person to talk to and meeting with her has given my week more structure. I have really enjoyed my time with Zoe and Headstart and am really grateful for it.

24th May 2019 I found this service when I wasn’t in the best of places but as the sessions have progressed, I’ve found myself in a much more calming and comfortable way and feeling much happier overall. Tackling problems and aiming for future goals has felt much more achievable and positive and I feel I can now much better understand myself.

23rd May 2019 My journey with mental ill-health started many years ago. I’ve probably this way for most of my life without knowing it.  My journey with Pentreath began after a significant deterioration at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.  After five months of struggling without much improvement, I asked my G.P. for more help and he recommended Pentreath and a Truro-based psychiatrist.  This was the starting point for recovery from my latest episode and hopefully the starting point for better long term mental health.  A solid diagnosis from the Psychiatrist with increased medication and with the support and guidance provided by Sarah have both combined to put me on the right track. There is no question that the diagnosis and medication have played a significant part in evening me out. However to work with someone like Sarah at a time when I was particularly vulnerable was a huge boost for me. As my chemicals balanced out, Sarah was able to help me understand and be o.k. with how and why I’d arrived where I was. From day one to our final session, Sarah has been someone I’ve felt at ease with and this has been the key to my recovery in that she helped my understanding of my mental health processes. Six months ago I had no idea that I could get to where I am today. A huge thank you to Pentreath and Sarah.

21st May 2019 I started heading towards college with help from Sarah. The support motivated me more than if I had been left to my own devices.

21st May 2019 It has helped me get out of the house and realise that there are opportunities for me to progress in life and helped me take steps forward that I was scared to take alone.

21st May 2019 I’ve now got a future going to college in September 2019 to do ‘Groundworks Operations’ I’m looking forward to getting my tickets and returning to work. Sarah helped me to focus on past achievements.  Finding a suitable course helped.

17th May 2019 I was pointed towards loads of helpful agencies both for myself employment and personal circumstances as they changed. The sudden changes included the ill-health and the subsequent passing of my mom (the funding provided helped me to visit her in hospital).  This was followed by the sudden ill-health of my partner and my father and I was signposted to support for them which supported me.

17th May 2019 Pentreath is great for making the future available to its clients.  I felt wrapped up in my problems and I couldn’t see a way out.  Sarah gave me options for the future and made me start to feel like a human being again. The courses helped me see myself in a new light.  My depression is not to be endured in silence – we all get it!  It helped me to talk about it with others. My journey is by no means over – however I have moved forward and I can see what I have achieved with Pentreath. Thank you so much, Sarah.

16th May 2019 Having been referred by Adam to Sarah, both of whom are supportive, honest and up front about situations. I am now on a moneybox course and hope to continue to improve. There were discussions and advice on how to look for work and on the best ways to present myself appropriately which were useful. I was also given two foodbank vouchers which were gratefully received.

16th May 2019 Last year I felt things needed to change. So I finally contacted Pentreath. At first I would hide it from people because “mental health isn’t something you tell people about.” Now I am proud of my journey and how far I have come. Pentreath got me on a course for counselling skills, I am two weeks from completing the course and I’ve just signed up for another one (three years long) to become a counsellor. I think both the project and the course have really helped my self-confidence and I finally know my worth. I did workshops for assertiveness which also really helped me by having someone to talk too.  She has also got me into things I would normally avoid. I want to help the project for helping me so much.

16th May 2019 Pentreath has really helped me realise that asking for help is okay and nothing to be ridiculed or shunned for and that all of my problems, tasks and trials though life are all manageable if you focus on them one by one and not tackle them as one big problem. Their help and guidance has helped me more than I ever thought that it would and I am very grateful that this service exists.

14th May 2019 Since working with Pentreath I feel that I have gained a lot more confidence and my self-esteem has also increased.  I feel more confident with budgeting my money and with meal planning to help me eat more healthily.  I feel my anxiety is now more manageable and I feel less stressed when out in public or in group situations. I’m working through my hoarding due to support I have had at putting routine and time structures into place. I would recommend Pentreath to anyone who is in need of support.

14th May 2019 Everyone at Pentreath is so understanding, respectful and kind.  For someone who used to be extremely nervous when meeting people it was a breeze to talk about my problems with them. When I first started with Pentreath I was suffering from anxiety and was barely able to leave the house on my own.  Pentreath provided me with support for everything I needed including dealing with social anxiety and confidence issues; countering negative thoughts and even using public transport and building a c.v.  My change coach, Emma, set manageable targets for me to aim towards and to work on and improve the aspects of my mental illness that were affecting my life.  I was encouraged by all of the positive feedback that everyone provided. Now I have a job that I love and am currently taking driving lessons that Pentreath funded for me.  Months ago I would never have thought it possible but my life is on-track and it wouldn’t have happened without this amazing service and its hard workers.

12th May 2019 Zoe has helped me to be able to talk more to my Mum and other people. I can now speak up and say ‘no’ if I need too.

9th May 2019 I have become more confident in myself and in class. I feel like I can now put myself forward to do new things in groups and by myself.

9th May 2019 Pentreath has helped me to understand what I want for the future and I feel I have a brighter future now.  It has helped signpost me to other services that I might not have known to otherwise.  I felt able to talk about the difficulties I was having and that I was supported and helped with knowing how I could get help.

8th May 2019 I went to Pentreath being barely able to leave the house due to anxiety.  With help I became able to try college with lots of people – I also tried volunteering, although I wasn’t able to stick with them.  I’m still hopeful that  will find something and that is thanks to Pentreath showing me that it is okay to try even if you end up failing.

8th May 2019 I went to Pentreath being barely able to leave the house due to anxiety.  With help I became able to try college (with lots of people) and also volunteering – even if I wasn’t able to stick with them.  I’m still hopeful that I’ll find something and that’s thanks to Pentreath showing me that it’s okay to try.

7th May 2019 When I first started working with Carrie I was having problems sleeping, which made ne moody and easily angered. We worked together to find a solution to my sleep problems and I was encouraged to speak honestly with my parents, about my problems.  I now sleep without any issues which has helped my concentration in school and also reduced the conflict at home.  My attendance is getting better and teachers have noticed an improvement in my work at school. I now feel more confident and much more able to manage my anger levels.

3rd May 2019 Although Who Dares Works didn’t find me my new employment they helped me to have the courage to widen my job search to ‘out of my comfort zone’ areas.  It has managed to secure me a job at Land’s-End Attractions, which is right out there amongst the people from around the world.  I wouldn’t have applied for a job working with public work without the preparation from Active Plus which really took me away from my comfort zone.  I am now learning my job while in the public eye.  Leaving my house is still a struggle but I think of returning home having completed tasks like at Active Plus.  Thank you.

2nd May 2019 Pentreath helped boost my confidence. The enjoyable relaxed sessions opened my options to learning portals.

2nd May 2019 Sarah helped me by providing options regarding college and photography. I hope to return to Pentreath when in a position to move forward.

1st May 2019 I found the confidence workshops and the understanding mental health group very useful. I have been inspired to carry on with gym and swimming I have found that it is really building my confidence and self-esteem and my mental health is significantly better due to this. I am feeling more positive about the future after working with Sarah.

1st May 2019 My journey with Pentreath has been very positive. I have gained confidence from meeting with my advisor who was able to help me with courses and activities. Working with Pentreath has helped me to break out of my shell. Thank you for all your help.

30th April 2019 I have achieved my goal of setting up my own garden business. I have all of the information to start my business when I feel ready. I have been given the tools to educate myself and know where to go when I am ready.

30th April 2019 When I first met Steve I didn’t I didn’t know what I wanted to do or who I was.  I had no confidence or purpose in my life.  Steve has helped me to find new options and opportunities in the local community.  I am now involved in the ‘Food-4-Change’ project and ‘The Chaos Group’ which I am really excited about.  This has given me some purpose in life.  For years I have felt that I have just been existing but now I feel alive and have hope for life again! I felt that Steve has helped to steer me back on track.  He has pushed me outside my comfort zone but has been really supportive and encouraging.

29th April 2019 I have come off of all medication and been discharged from CMHT. I have attended therapy with the woman’s centre, which is ongoing.  I have also started working part time and am working towards sorting my debts. Thank you Jess and Stacey and all of Pentreath.

29th April 2019 I was really struggling with stress and was feeling totally overwhelmed with everything that was happening in my life.  I wasn’t getting anything achieved as a result.  After my advisor visited me at home she signposted me to various services and also sorted things into manageable-sized chunks that I then felt able to deal with.  She gave me the support that I needed and as a result I started to feel I could get things achieved which in turn improved my stress levels and depression.

25th April 2019 I have had a great journey with Pentreath as they have helped me boost my confidence from being a timid boy to a confident young man and thanks to the support, my self-esteem and life are back on track.

17th April 2019 The help was really good. I’ve received a lot of support and information about my LGBT and work.

16th April 2019 I referred to Pentreath as I needed support to find a job. Lottii has helped build my communication skills, write a CV & do a job search.   I now have a job thanks to Lottii’s help. This means that I can now look for somewhere of my own to live!

12th April 2019 I have gained a huge amount of motivation through being with Pentreath and I thank them so much for giving me the great opportunities that I now have. Thank you, Pentreath.

12th April 2019 When I started working with Pentreath I was working with the YOT team and struggling with substance misuse. I started seeking help knowing I either did something or would end up in prison. Lotii introduced me to Matt at CFF and we completed an application for Jamie Oliver’s 15 Apprenticeship. In preparation, I completed Food Works and did some work experience at 15. I was accepted to the college part of 15 and have just completed my level one in catering last Friday. I found out that I have been accepted on the 15 Apprenticeship and will begin working in the 15 kitchen at the end of April.

12th April 2019 I started off at ‘Who Dares Works’ and did various courses. Now I am volunteering at the PEAT Project, Penzance. I love it, it is my favourite place to be. I am also volunteering at Pengarth two days a week which is a job that Christian from Pentreath helped me to find. I can honestly say that I have changed remarkably since I started and now my week is full and I love both my jobs.

9th April 2019 Working with my Pentreath advisor has improved my confidence and increased my weekly social interaction. Our meetings have been a great opportunity to practice and talk about interview situations. I found it beneficial that we could talk about issues I was facing in my daily life and linking it to my employment opportunities.

8th April 2019 After six months of being unemployed, I was beginning to become doubtful whether I would be able to find suitable employment again.  This was having a detrimental effect upon my well-being and confidence. For our very first meeting, Nigel made me feel relaxed which allowed me to be open about my situation.  Once Nigel understood what I was looking for he set about giving me the relevant support and advice on how best to achieve my goals. Within a couple of months of regular meetings with Nigel I was offered, and accepted, the perfect opportunity to regain employment.  Without Nigel’s help I have my doubts that I would now be employed.

4th April 2019 Confidence and self-esteem have improved.

3rd April 2019 When I joined Pentreath I was at my lowest point. I mostly thought, ‘What’s the point?’ Since then I have 100% supported me to turn my life around/. I am now a carer at Fairholme and loving it. I am back on the road and my home life has massively improved. Without their guidance I don’t know where I would be but am so, so thankful. Each and every one of you do AMAZING work to support your clients.

2nd April 2019 I have found it really helpful to have someone to talk too. Carrie has given me good advice. She has helped me to access my G.P. and also helped me through year 11 and made the year go faster. I’ve been supported through college interviews and now know where I want to go in September. I feel my confidence and self-esteem have improved and I’m now more prepared to leave school and start a new chapter.

2nd April 2019 The recovery workshops helped me by giving me a toolkit and skills to deal with issues in my every-day life. Thanks to Tracey for providing advice on job seeking and for refining my c.v. Thanks to Gemma for co-ordinating the support services that Pentreath provides.

2nd April 2019 Pentreath has helped me to focus on my goals for the future which I struggle with due to anxiety.

28th March 2019 Meeting Christian has been so healing and helpful – he’s helped me enormously. Firstly introducing me to Sue Broughton for well-being counselling. She has supported me so many coping mechanisms. I really have learnt a huge amount from Christian and Sue. “Who Dare Sculpts” with Patrick MacMillan was superb – six days working hard, having great support and bonding with other students. Learning all of the time just how much relative strangers actually do care. “Active Plus” – a six week course in Penzance. I learnt how to participate in a team and have support from fellow team members. Learnt not to control situations. Learnt that it is okay to fail – and not be punished. “Who Dares Creates” – Printing at the Exchange. “Who Dares Serves” – Phoenix project week-long course at St Ives Fire Station.  Profoundly useful, we were pushed way beyond our comfort zone but constantly had support – an experience that I will never forget. “Exeter University” – Citizen Journalism and broadcasting, three month course based at the knowledge Spa, Truro. “Penzance College” – Christian encouraged me to apply – I have done and my interview is on 29/04/ 2019. Hopefully I might then start in September, full-time.

27th March 2019 Wanting to go self-employed snake/reptile breeding I was signposted to the growth hub and started the ball rolling. I was introduced to Merryhue Transferable Skills training to build confidence and manage anxiety but due to my physical health I am not well enough to start just yet.

25th March 2019 I enjoyed the support provided for me which helped me start the distance learning course. Pentreath paid for the course and I will be able to move to a Foundation Degree.  Just going out for a coffee helped me with my confidence for the rest of the day.  I was signposted to ‘Insight Cornwall’ and was able to obtain computer equipment and training to help me with the course and future learning.

25th March 2019 You have all helped me a lot to get back my confidence. The team building exercises were great. I have achieved my goal of getting a job thanks to all of yours and mine hard work. Thank you.

22nd March 2019 I found it helpful getting into work and support when I was mentally unwell. Pentreath is also helping with another situation. Service has been great and continues to be useful.

22nd March 2019 I enjoyed Pentreath courses for ‘Understanding Mental Health’ and confidence building. Being included in a group together with the tutor was positive – using the term ‘us’ instead of ‘you’ made me feel less categorised. Sarah signposted me to Outlook for PTSD support and Stoneham for housing support as I am now being evicted. Knowing that I can return to Pentreath is a safety net for when I am ready to move further forward.

22nd March 2019 Learning some assertiveness skills has helped me massively. I do things when I want to do things now which has reduced stress and improved relationships.  It has also helped in day-to-day life for example I was recently able to sort out a situation at the doctor’s by staying and talking it through.  Previous to working with Pentreath I would have just left. I feel motivated to make changes in my own life now and I have also motivated others to do the same. I encouraged my mate’s mum’s friend to take up driving lessons.  She is so grateful to me as she had lost all motivation. The fact that I can talk to people now is a massive improvement and I can make my own decisions! I am now doing courses and have plans.

21st March 2091 Sarah signposted me to Pentreath’s courses including one for confidence which was good for me. I have also applied for a Teaching Assistant’s course but am waiting to hear if I was successful.  Sarah got a PC for me but I am still not working due to teething problems on in-work support on a phased return. Will return to Pentreath when my health improves.

21st March 2019 Pentreath has helped me so much in boosting my confidence and enabling me to feel ready for work again. It would have taken me so much longer to feel preferred by myself, but with Pentreath’s support I am now moving towards my goal of saving to go back to University. This whole process has helped me so much with my confidence, self-esteem and overall happiness and I’d recommend contacting Pentreath to anyone struggling to achieve the goals.

18th March 2019 Since joining Pentreath last July all of the support that I have had has been excellent. I have achieved so much such as for example: social activities; access to an Adult Social Care Level 2 course and support from the Via Project. I cannot thank Pentreath enough for the support that I have received. My late parents would be thrilled to know that I am getting all of this help.

13th March 2019 I would like to thank Carly, Laura and Nick for how they all helped me climb up the ladder and reach my goal which was to get me back into part-time work. I am feeling very excited which is a new experience for me and hopefully my performance will satisfy both myself and others.

13th March 2019 Due to my anxiety it was difficult to meet with Sarah. Sarah has kept in touch and encouraged me to meet her.  Confidence grew as we used the Pentreath workbook.  I will return to Pentreath when I am ready to move forward with employment.

13th March 2019 Since being on the project I feel I have been supported by Jess and Stacey. I have worked on my confidence and self-esteem. I preferred home visits initially but have since managed to meet in a social place. I am enjoying my job.

12th March 2019 I managed to get a job with the Royal Mail and have started a maths course with Link-into-Learning.

12th March 2019 I really recommend Pentreath as they have helped me with so much support and I feel a totally different person. I feel so much more confident and positive.  And not just about myself but for the future too!

12th March 2019 Jenny has helped me with motivation and self-confidence. I am enjoying fit-4-life and meeting people in a similar situation.  Prior to this I felt that I was alone in feeling the way I did – it is a revelation.

8th March 2019 I have found an apprenticeship whilst working with Pentreath. This has helped me move forward with my future goals.

7th March 2019 My time with Pentreath helped me move forward and focus on goals with funding. I am near to getting my driving license and that will open doors.   I have been given options to do on-line training and have been provided with a PC through Pentreath and Collectricals to make this possible.

7th March 2019 I started to go to Pentreath because I had a loss of confidence. Ever since I started at Pentreath with my first advisor, Matt, and then Steve, my confidence has increased and I have started volunteering RCTH Trelisk and Penryn College. It has helped me to stay out of hospital as I was in and out a lot.

6th March 2019 I spent a lot of time looking at my mental health with help from Jess and Katie. It has helped me to see what my mental health is and how to overcome it and with working and looking after myself. I have felt very supported and ready to work thanks to Jess my keyworker.

5th March 2019 I signed up to ‘Game-Changer’ following a referral from outlook SW. Whilst on the project I have attended breakfast clubs and spent time with a musician/artist at kraiji to work on building confidence skills.  I am now being paid to gig in two bands and have just finished recording an album with a third which is due to be released at the end of May.

5th March 2019 I kept my anxiety secret for years and when I first sort help I made up stories about where I was going. I was afraid of telling anyone – even those closest to me.  It came to the point where I started having panic attacks and fainting spells and I referred myself to Pentreath.  In those first meetings I couldn’t make eye contact, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling flustered and overwhelmed and couldn’t stop my legs from shaking under the table.  But since those first meetings I’ve opened up to my family about what I’ve been going through for years and they’ve shown me nothing but understanding and support.  I’ve been leaving home feeling more confident in myself knowing that I’ve not been judged by everyone in sight.  After being in hiding for so long I’m finally ready to reconnect and make new friends.  I have the team at Pentreath to thank for the leaps forward that I have made in that time. There’s still a lot of work that I need to do, but I’m hopeful about where I’m heading. It feels like the worst has passed – that that the hard part is over.  When people say that they can see the change in me I believe them now, because it’s true.

4th March 2019 Since beginning with my wellbeing with my wellbeing mentor, Sally, I have been supported and guided into activities that have helped me greatly. Each meeting with Sally has been clear and understandable.  She would always do her best to make me feel comfortable, and any ideas that we had were clearly thought out and explained in detail.  Sally is a very good and kind person and I will miss our meetings.

27th February 2019 My childhood wasn’t the brightest of tunnels, in fact it was a very dark one. Eventually, I saw some light at the end of it, but still felt as if I was in the darkness.  Pentreath helped me to enjoy the brightness of the light and I am now feeling much more positive about a bright and happy future.

25th February 2019 I feel that I was supported well whilst looking for employment and attending training. My self-esteem was built up again and I was able to look for work.

20th February 2019 Having someone to help me identify my goals and realistic plans has been invaluable. Being a single mum with little money and support, having a laptop funded to start an on-line course has made me feel motivated and optimistic.  Jess and Stacey have continued to offer encouragement and support and this has really helped me. Thank you both for helping so much.

19th February 2019 I am extremely pleased with Pentreath as an organisation and Sarah, who I see regularly. She has been most helpful and informative.  When I didn’t have enough money for my weekly shopping she was able to speak to the manager who was able to help me out by way of crisis shopping money. Tom saying that I was very grateful was an understatement. It was a kind gesture which I will not forget.  All-in-all I have nothing but praise for Pentreath and Sarah.

19th February 2019 Help with my electricity supply means that I have some time during which I don’t have to worry about it and can focus on other things. Thanks to my Pentreath worker I became aware of ‘Surviving Winter’ and I would like to thank both for the help towards keeping my son and myself warm.

19th February 2019 You’ve gone beyond by researching into other areas, put forward suggestions to Pentreath for further training on the area. I am feeling more confident you have taken a weight off my mind.

19th February 2019 My week is more structured and filled with things. Having more support for daily tasks from Ambito Care and working with health and wellbeing practitioners also helped me.  I even wrote out a Monday to Friday diary and I realise that I am now doing quite a lot.

18th February 2019 Steve has been very constant and positive.

18th February 2019 Since being with Pentreath I have gained confidence and looked at volunteering and at starting a course. Next week I am going on a taster day and have recently visited a farm for a taster day.  Pentreath have provided me with Wellington boots for the farm.

14th February 2019 I have worked with the local authority in Cornwall for over twenty eight years, but have really struggled with mental health issues due to anxiety caused by work. I began to doubt myself and lost confidence in my own ability to do my job and was afraid to look for another job.  I heard about Pentreath through a friend, but would not admit that I needed help.  Eventually my family persuaded me to self-refer and in a short time, I was allocated an advisor.  I met Becky at my local Morrisons for a chat.  I was very nervous and had worked myself into a state, however I did not need to worry as Becky sat and listened to my story.  We set some goals and targets to work on.  During the next few weeks I was able to complete, amongst other things, a C.V. (something I had not done for years) and started applying for jobs.  She even set up a dummy interview and asked lots of questions. All of this had a massive effect upon my self-confidence and I was able to start looking into the job market. I now have a new job, starting in March and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  Without Pentreath and Becky I would still be in a very bad place.  Thank you Pentreath.

13th February 2019 Before I met with Pentreath I was barely able to speak to people when I first met them. A couple of days ago I had to go into a group of eleven people and ask them questions and participate in group training for CPR.  Thanks to the breathing techniques taught to me be Pentreath I was able to keep my heart rate and anxiety to the lowest point it has ever been.

13th February 2019 Pentreath suggested a course called ‘Get–Set to Go’ – my advisor, Sally, told me about it. At first I was nervous about meeting new people but once I had started the course I found it very warm and open.  They instantly put my nerves to rest and I was able to enjoy the experience.  We would play all sorts of sports such as badminton, table tennis and boxing.  It was open to all levels from beginner to expert.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to socialise and have fun. 10/10.

11th February 2019 I am finding “Living Well to Work” to be really helpful. I’ve had help with my C.V., with understanding job adverts and with how to apply for a job. I’ve also taken part in a Dynamo Healthcare training course which gave me a refresher in healthcare so that I can apply for a job in this area.

11th February 2019 My life was in absolute chaos until Pentreath re-entered my life on 17th October 2018. Initially, Amanda  phoned me very soon after my G.P. contacted Pentreath to arrange a meting.   She visited my camp, took photos of gas types in order that she could supply adaptors – I had gas that I couldn’t access- she also asked specifically what I most needed.  A few days later Ben arrived with a gas heater, bottle and attachments providing me with the ability to cook, stay warm and dry my clothes.  It also meant that I could strip to wash myself in comfort and be able to heat extra water to do so.  I honestly think that this saved my life.  Prior to this I had been depending entirely on having to light a cooking fire outside whilst having no heating under cover. I had had my benefits stopped 18th June until Pentreath intervened. Amanda introduced me to Ben and jointly they arranged for me to be able to start a Uni-credit claim by making the appointments, transporting me to them and guiding me through the impassable claim forms.  Simultaneously Amanda arranged for St Petrocs to be a postal c/o address meaning that I could begin to get some i.d. together having my birth certificate sent there. Amanda has helped enormously with medical issues such as getting my back and thumb x-rayed and getting me to re-engage with my physiotherapist. She also chased up seemingly inactive support from my Housing Advisor and the St Petroc’s Support Team who are virtually non-existent. I have problems with my DWP appeal; due to confusion over addresses which I lack. Amanda has spent a lot of time making sure that this has all been re-accepted and we await a future outcome. Recently I’ve been assigned to the Positive People program and met Carley who has been similarly brilliant going out of my way to ensure my comfort and introducing me to new proceedings. I must mention Liz, she also transported me to Job Centre appointments. Where she’s been forced to bear-out extremely long waiting times whilst keeping me in a happy frame of mind. Thank you Liz.

8th February 2019 Eric supported me on a one-to-one basis and covered anxiety and depression, C.V. writing, Interview techniques, emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and positive thinking. The support provided has helped me to get myself back into job-seeking and has given me a positive outlook. I have gained an accurate understanding of my emotions and thoughts from the sessions and will shortly be achieving employment.  This is very good considering the state of my mental health just a few short months ago. Eric has been a pleasure to work with as he is insightful, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.

7th February 2019 I love doing my maths and English and know that I’m slowly learning to do reiki I feel very determined to become a reiki master. Working with Pentreath has been amazing, the support and advice has helped me to grow and I feel very grateful for their support and I forward to seeing where things go in future.

7th February 2019 The most important improvement to my life was being able to leave the house to achieve something that was never going to happen. As before Pentreath helped me to walk the “path” to a better life I was trapped inside my own head not knowing which way was forward.  Then, slow but sure, and with a lot of help with a lot of help from Sarah (who is a special person) I did it.  She brought me out of my shell.  This is the first time that I have been able to say how I feel.  I have now got a life and it’s all due to Pentreath…  I now know what is wrong with me.  I always knew that I was different but now I know that I can deal with it.  I have even managed to go to the shop for the first time in thirty years all due to Pentreath. I now have a life. Thank you, you are life changing.

7th February 2019 I have found that the help and advice Pentreath have provided is invaluable. During my meetings we discussed coping techniques for anxiety which have left me feeling more confident and able to deal with stressful situations.  After these meetings and going forward to the future I have dealt with situations such as airport travel and talking to strangers.  My next aim is to find some work experience and while I feel very anxious about this I think that the sessions have guided me into ways of coping with my anxious thoughts so I can gain a more positive outcome.

6th February 2019 Without the support of Pentreath it would be so much harder to stay in work, they have suggested things that I have never thought about.

6th February 2019 The first group sessions were an eye-opener and I felt like I wasn’t being overlooked.

6th February 2019 I had help enrolling on a plastering course which I enjoy and have been making progress. My work coach has helped discuss employment possibilities and options but mainly has been good at listening and offering advice concerning my mental health issues.

6th February 2019 Eric was very supportive and patient and was able to help me focus when feeling lost and the additional anxiety training was helpful.

5th February 2019 Thank you for the first day we met. Having you say that you wanted me to write a book has had a life changing effect for me.  I’m really grateful for having met you.  So glad that you do the work you do.  Please print this text if you need to.  Places like Pentreath are so important in Britain today.  You pick up what the NHS cannot.  The organisation, that you are part of, has had life changing effects on so many lives.  It may sound dramatic, but last year I had been thinking of suicide, planning it and saying goodbye.  But with the help of Outlook SW and yourself – especially your response to my crazy book.  The Darkness has gone and there is light and happiness as so many things are starting. So thanks from my heart.

31st January 2019 1 to 1 sessions helped with finding groups and charities to join and with finding training. Joining Penta helped me to get out more and get on a course at college.

31st January 2019 Pentreath has opened my eyes to new and exciting activities and Sarah has been a pleasure to meet with. I hope Pentreath continues the good work and maybe one day I could help others. Thank you for everything.

28th January 2019 Sarah is a lovely lady. I felt as though I have hoe for the future and can move on.  Helping with my confidence and giving me information on how to move forward.

24th January 2019 My confidence has improved.   Motivation is improving as well although I struggle with this still but my goals are still the same and I eventually want to work in security. Pentreath have given me a sense of direction and improved hope for the future. When I went through my amputation, Pentreath (Faye and Kate) were by my side. God knows where I would be if they had not been there.

21st January 2019 You have helped me to get out and meet some new people in the ‘Fit for Life’ group and have also encouraged me to re-join the gym. I am enjoying this and know that it will help with my health because I have to lose weight.  It has probably helped a bit with my Mental Health too – I am feeling sad at the moment because it is the anniversary of my mum’s funeral and I am quite empty…  While I am at the gym it helps me to shut out such thoughts.

16th January 2019 When I was first referred to Pentreath I felt that there wasn’t anything that they could offer me in my journey as I didn’t know which way to turn as I was completely stuck and lost in my recovery. I instantly felt that he understood me and allowed me to open up about what is happening.  If it wasn’t for the supportive trust, mental health coping tools and regular contact, I would not have been able to achieve what I have in such a short time.  These have included attending new groups, adventuring into town and cafes where I haven’t been for a number of years.  Having someone to meet and talk to while walking into town helped massively to make me less anxious. I wouldn’t have been able to progress this far without the support that I have received from Pentreath in general but my enabler in particular.

14th January 2019 I am very grateful for the support and time Amanda has spent with me, she has introduced me to lots of information and opportunities and has taken the first step with me to get in touch with a GP and other services. I have lots of different angles now to give me a viewpoint for the future.  I am not alone and have had encouragement to take a step on a journey.

8th January 2019 When I first started this whole thing I felt lost because of the amount of problems and situations that I had going on in my life at the time. The sessions that we’ve had have helped me to find ways to control my stress and anxiety.  I have been given the chance to go to the gym to relieve stress.  I found it very helpful and it has inspired me to improve both my physical and mental health and how to overcome challenges that I may face later in life.

18th December 2018 I found it very useful. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t working for the school.  It made it easier to talk about everything.

18th December 2018 When I first started this whole thing I felt lost because of the amount of problems and situations that I had going on in my life at the time and the sessions that I have attended have helped me mentally and physically. The sessions that we’ve had have helped me find ways to control my stress and anxiety by giving the chance to go to the gym and relieve stress.  I found it very helpful and it has inspired me to improve both my physical and mental health and shown me how to face challenges that may confront me in later life.

18th December 2018 I found it very useful. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t working for the school.  It made it easier to talk about everything.

11th December 2018 Since working with Zoe, I feel as though she has given me many ways of dealing with anxiety, family and myself. It has given me a lot more confidence in myself, I have also become a lot more polite and composed since working with Zoe.  She has taught me that not everybody is a bad person and I shouldn’t judge people straight away.

11th December 2018 At first I wasn’t very confident in myself and was finding it hard to ignore comments made by other students which led me to being unable to eat in front of other people because I was worried about what they would say and think but as my time with Carrie progressed my confidence grew stronger and I am now able to eat in front of others.

11th December 2018 At first I wasn’t very confident in myself and was finding it hard to ignore comments made by other students which led to me being unable to eat in front of people because I was worried of what they would say and think but as time with Carrie progressed my confidence grew stronger and am now able to eat in front of others.

11th December 2018 My journey with Pentreath was very hard to begin with. I never thought that I would start to go out and about on my own again.  Thanks to Kirsty with her patience and perseverance, she helped make it possible.  Kirsty is an amazing person and I couldn’t have had anyone better to help me get through the last six months.  She gave me my first challenge to walk with her and a team of others for World Mental Health Day which I accepted and completed.  This day turned my life around.  To be out was amazing, it made me realize how much I had been missing by shutting myself away too scared to venture out.  Now my life has turned around.  I am now in the best place mentally than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m starting a new life I’ve left the old one behind Kirsty has a great listening ear and her helpful ways have kept me going. OI can’t thank her enough for what she has done.  I now go on public transport and I mingle with people who are strangers.  I also go for walks and go shopping.  Kirsty is an inspiration For Pentreath and I hope she will be able to help others like she has helped me.  Thank you, Kirsty, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

7th December 2018 Having been referred to the courses with Pentreath it certainly gave me food for thought and also gave me the techniques to put into place in moving forward.

6th December 2018 Having received a computer through Pentreath I am now able to use the device to do courses and make a better future for my daughter and myself. Having a low-income, I would have been unable to have afforded one.  This too will allow doors to be opened and opportunities to arise that otherwise would not have been available to me.

4th December 2018 Working with Faye and Katie has helped me to improve my confidence. When problems occur at home I have learnt how to cope better on my own. I am trying to budget better and we are now not running out of money and bills are being paid. I was very surprised at how well I did at maths when I did my assessment sessions at ‘Link into Learning’ so now I am going to study maths at GCSE. After maths is finished I will go on to study English. The cooking course opened my eyes to healthy eating and the photography workshop was amazing and it was great being a Kardashian for a day. I am extremely grateful for everything.  Just being there listening when I was ‘snotting’ (crying).

28th November 2018 When I first met Sarah at the engine house I was very nervous and found it hard to answer all of the question but as the meeting went on she soon put me at ease and I found it a lot easier to speak openly with her. Unfortunately, at the same time that I was seeing her, my therapy at Trevillis House came to a stop and this put me right back to where I had started. I had gone to Merryhue farm with Sarah and everyone who I met there was very nice.  There was no pressure from them for me to start at the farm and I felt that I was not yet ready to do the taster day which Sarah understood.  Sarah also offered me a couple of courses but due to me having no therapy at the time and me having very low confidence I told her that I could just not do them.  After Sarah spoke to my mum on the phone it was agreed that I would stop seeing her until I was in a better place.  I am grateful to Sarah for the support and that when my confidence is up and I and I am feeling stronger I can get in touch again. Thank you to Sarah and Pentreath for all of your support.

28th November 2018 The best for me was anxiety management training really which really helped and I can now cope 100% better with it. Building self-esteem was very good too and really helped me. Everything else that I did during my time with Pentreath (i.e. Getting the right benefits was helpful) but the above are the two things that will really help me in future. During my time I could not fault Eric, he was there each time that I needed him. Also my new C.V. is going to be helpful and all of the courses that we went over are going to help me in the future when my health improves.  I have full knowledge of the courses open to me and know where to go. Overall the six months has really helped me, both now and for the future and I understand myself and my conditions better.

27th November 2018 Pentreath got me onto a course and it got me talking to people which helped me.

22nd November 2018 I found that work on confidence building and anxiety management were the most useful elements. My confidence is still fairly low but my ability to deal with pressure in unfamiliar situations has definitely improved. I know that I still need to motivate myself and get more involved but feel I am less held back by fear of the unknown. I have a general idea of what I want to do next… It’s just doing it…

21st November 2018 Working with Zoe I have found that I can recognise and manage my anxiety better. I have found that I can reach my goals even if the steps are small.

18th November 2018 Before Pentreath I was quiet, anxious and lacked confidence in going out and meeting other people. From day one I was taught how to build confidence both in my social life and my family life. If it wasn’t for Pentreath I would never have gone to my first group. My fear and anxiety but for once that didn’t hold me back and I did what I hadn’t done for years. Through joining a group and working with |Pentreath I have found my confidence has grown and I am less fearful of unknown situations.

16th November 2019 I was introduced to Pentreath by my GP while I was experiencing severe depression. My first meeting with Christian was productive and interesting and I was signed up for the ‘Who Dares Works’ scheme.  I cannot speak highly enough of all of the workers and mentors who helped me on my journey towards good mental health.  While I am not completely well yet, I have made good progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pentreath to my family and friends.

9th November 2018 Before signing up I was very pessimistic about any job prospects and any future career. Pentreath helped me by boosting my confidence and helping me search through available jobs to find one that was suitable.  With Pentreath’s help I found a job amazingly fast – far easier than expected.  My advisor, Katherine, was extremely helpful, answering my questions and helping ease my anxieties and worries about starting work.  Guiding me through the process of applying, going for an interview and starting work at a new job.  I am now about to start work after a successful application and interview and I am very grateful to Katherine and Pentreath for all of their brilliant support.

9th November 2018 I started with Pentreath feeling really low and was at the point of giving up but with a lot of help and support I am now a lot happier in my life.   Laura helped me.  I’ve completed a dynamo healthcare course; prepared for and attended three interviews; volunteered at ‘Scope’ and got myself a job at ‘Fairholm’ which is my dream job.  I am so happy with Pentreath which has really helped to boost my confidence and played a very important role in my life.  I will be forever grateful.

6th November 2018 Working with Pentreath ha been life-changing for me. Kirsty and Sharon have given me so much support and encouragement which has enabled me to begin driving again with a confidence I haven’t felt for many years.  This has had an impact on all areas of my life – my children are being taken on days out, my whole demeanour has changed as I am no longer feeling helpless and trying to find ways out of travelling and I’ve also gone back into employment.  I really can’t thank you enough, Sarah in particular should be commended as she’s succeeded where many have failed to get me where I am now.

5th November 2018 Pentreath is good, excellent and amazing!!! And so is Zoe!

4th November 2018 Pentreath has been a great support towards finding employment! Really encouraging and helpful with my self-confidence.

2nd November 2018 When I started with Pentreath I wouldn’t leave the house – my curtains and blinds were always shut. With all the help I have had from lots of people on the team I now leave the house!  I am doing a fulltime college course and English and Maths GCSE’s.  It’s still hard to do it all but I am doing it.  The team have given me a way of moving forward, Pentreath arranged therapy which has been really useful.

1st November 2018 Having engaged with Sarah and got a part-time job, being able to discuss ongoing issues has helped me stick to the job and keep the job centre happy due to other personal factors. Sarah signposted me to my manager and GP to try to work out a way forward for the immediate future. Hope to return in the New Year once I have sorted-out personal issues.

1st November 2018 Before starting with Pentreath I didn’t have much of a life. My anxiety, panic disorder and depression had taken over my life.  I couldn’t leave home, I wasn’t happy and had no enjoyment.  I thought my life was over and couldn’t see a way out. Since meeting my amazing Sally, she has showed me ways to cope with my anxiety and given me tools to help change how I think. I could never thank her enough; Sally is amazing and I am now able to look at my life differently.  My life is changing so much and I am doing things I thought that I would never do again.  Horses were always a massive part of my life before the anxiety took over many, many years ago but I now have a little part of the old me back.  I’m lucky enough to be able to go and see and spend time with these beautiful animals and I truly enjoy every minute when I am with them.  I really thought this part of my life was over but my passion for these amazing animals is coming back and it feels amazing and I know that I will be back I the saddle one day and then my dream will have come true. The best thing that I have ever did was to sign-up with Pentreath, they have helped me so much. I feel that I’m in control of my life now that I understand what’s going on and I can relax which I haven’t been able to do for years and I am no longer on the edge all of the time waiting for something bad to happen.  For the first time in my life I feel excited for my future.  I cannot put into words just how much Sally has helped me change my thoughts and this has brought happiness back into my life.

1st November 2018 After working with Pentreath Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, Stacey Dowden, I now feel more confident and motivated to go swimming. It has opened my eyes to what I was missing. My Keyworker, Faye, organised x4 sessions of 1:1 guitar lessons. This has helped me improve my wellbeing and re-establish a hobby that I had lost.  I intend on continuing with this for the foreseeable future.  It has stopped my own guitars from gathering dust on the walls.  I have also started teaching my son how to play, he visits most Sundays at my home to do this.

31st October 2018 Since joining Pentreath I have gained in confidence and learned to ask for health and my self-esteem is at its highest. Faye has given me help to find other organisations to work on my emotions and has supported me through some rough patches. She has been someone to trust (It is hard for me to trust due to past experiences.)  She is easy to talk to and acts on what you have discussed. All in all Pentreath and Faye have been life-savers in the watery depths of my life and depression. I would advise others to use Pentreath as it is an awesome organisation. Thank you.

31st October 2018 Pentreath helped me to see that there were options other than rushing into a job that I wasn’t ready for and helped me to get help with Universal Credit and PIP which I wasn’t aware of. They have helped me to consider places to volunteer which I have been able to do and have found very helpful. They also encouraged me to go on courses with other people on building confidence and were able to support me when I was unable to stay the whole time. They have also provided me with support and reassurance whilst I wait for treatment with my local CMHT so that I do not feel as purposeless as I did before.

23rd October 2018 Before starting with Pentreath I spent a lot of time at home, I was bored, frustrated and isolated. My advisor, Steve, was very helpful.  He referred me to the ‘food 4 change’ Project where I got to meet new people and improve my cooking skills.  I undertook volunteering at the food bank and now volunteer at café chaos which has boosted my confidence.  I now have lots of support around me and I’m looking forward to starting with ‘The Prince’s Trust’. I have found Pentreath to be very useful and would recommend it to people.

18th October 2018 When I attended the walking your way for Pentreath I was at first feeling anxious about a range of different things and as the day progressed and I eventually got talking to people I felt better and better like I was around people who actually cared about my wellbeing. I was able to be myself and talk about who I really am.  People were kind and giving me really useful and pleasant feedback and I feel like I’m doing the right thing for myself and others.  This is the first Time I have felt this way for years.  I can feel things changing. Thank you.

18th October 2018 Whilst with Pentreath I was able to use a workshop on building confidence, the use of which gave me the ability to visit pubs and order drinks. I am 21 but don’t have an ID. So I was worried about ordering alcohol but with the help of the Pentreath workshop I had the confidence to give it a go and found that there was no problem, so now I can enter a pub and order a drink without a problem.  Thank you Pentreath.

17th October 2018 In reference to walking your way. I enjoyed speaking to people on the walk and at the Lewannick afterwards, about their own life experiences with mental health. Hearing about other peoples’ journeys has inspired me to move forward and participate more in mental health volunteering.

17th October 2018 I am booked on two courses: 1st, six weeks with the expert patient program and the second one is an art course dealing with oils and acrylics. Locally, I have excellent support and cannot be more pleased that I have overcome many difficulties already. Thank you so much, it can only get better.

17th October 2018 Jess and Stacey helped me explore and access new activity and encouraged me to create realistic goals in which I was supported to achieve. They kept in regular positive contact and linked me in with great agencies and causes.  I feel very uplifted and received a great service.

16th October 2018 Since working with my advisor I have gained the ability to think for myself while maintaining a more rational view of what I am doing. This has made things a bit easier.  I have now started college which I am enjoying.

12th October 2018 Eric has helped me to start catching the bus on my own again and regain some of the independence that I’d lost.

4th October 2018 When I first started working with Pentreath I was suffering with suicidal depression and I saw no way out of it. I even tried to end my life a few times.  I have had help from the treatment team to begin with and saw them every day for a few weeks. It was good to have someone to talk to. I then started getting support from Pentreath: seeing both teams helped me see I had some hope for the future. Being able to leave the house and see someone regularly has been helpful as my own fears controlled me for a long time.  Today I ordered drinks at the bar for the first time.  I still felt fear, but I used the breathing techniques I have learnt and I did it!  I really felt proud.  I have also joined a social group and a gym…  I could not imagine doing this a few months ago. Advice I would give my former self:-   DON’T GIVE UP!  YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE!  YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU FEEL!

3rd October 2018 In very hard, challenging and difficult times Jess has offered me continued caring and kind words of support and kindness. Even when I faced negativity from my ex and control about my time on this project Jess has been supportive.  I am now in a better position and feeling I can move forward with my future with a clearer head.  If I hadn’t had the constant support from Pentreath and Jess I wouldn’t have coped as well, Jess has guided me and signposted me to the right people and support. Thank you. Jess.

26th September 2018 Whilst working with my advisor I have learnt some coping techniques that have helped me with my worries. I am now able to look at a worry and using a ‘worry tree’, work out if I can do anything about it and go into distractions. I have also learned to trust my own thoughts and feel confident about expressing them. I still feel nervous but am attending a social group now and I will push on through my nerves as I enjoy going to the group.

26th September 2018 When I first started my lessons I felt completely overwhelmed and couldn’t see any solutions available to me due to my circumstances. I was very anxious and struggled to stay rational. Now I feel like my old self. I feel confident, positive and have made a huge turn around with my life and how I view it.  This is all due to the council ling I received helping me to look at things in a different way.  I truly don’t know if I could have got to where I am now without the support that I received.

26th September 2018 I started off where I was worried about everything and could not calm myself down and wouldn’t go to school.   Then through the weeks and months of meetings I started to worry less and have more confidence in myself and started to focus on what I wanted to do in the future and now I know what I want to do I am more confident in myself and can calm myself down if I get worried.

25th September 2018 On first meeting Dean I was extremely anxious and my mood was low. It took me a short while to trust Dean and then open up about my past and current situation.  While receiving support I have improved my confidence and self-esteem, learned how to manage my anxiety symptoms and experienced new opportunities.  I feel in a better positive position to achieve my future goals.

25th September 2018 I feel proud and strong for addressing the issues and problems from my past.

24th September 2018 Really helped me with college and made a real difference.

20th September 2018 When I started seeing Kirsty. I thought I would struggle to achieve my initial goal of walking alone to a nearby café.  Without realising it I have surpassed this goal and have achieved a secondary goal of travelling alone on public transport. I never imagined doing this when our sessions started let alone after one accompanied trip. I feel my self-confidence has soared well above what it has been for well over a decade.  This is something that I never imagined six months ago. I now have some resources that I can refer back too to enable me to continue to move forward.

19th September 2018 I feel that my meetings have given me enthusiasm and hope to keep searching for opportunities to help me and my mental health. The support that I got for my anxiety was amazing. Attending ‘Fit 4 Life’ caused me to become very anxious but once I explained how I felt, I instantly felt calmer. Thanks to Pentreath I feel I can identify things that I can do for myself and things that are around me. Going to Brookside flower farm with my advisor made me feel confident about meeting new people. I do feel that I’ve gained some enthusiasm and confidence in myself and I can identify what I may be able to achieve instead of dismissing an idea straight away. I think that the main thing I have learnt is to try something at least once.

30th August 2018 Pentreath have helped me gain more motivation and self-respect. My Anxiety has improved and my mental health has drastically improved and so has my general wellbeing. I feel that I now have clear goals and the determination to achieve these. I now regularly attend the gym and go swimming which is improving my fitness and confidence. I am now able to catch public transport which still triggers anxiety however I can manage this. I now feel more confident about the future thanks to Pentreath.

29/08/18 I have been able to go out on my own more and been able to socialize with different people and have fun and enjoy myself without worrying about my anxiety too much.

17/9/18 I have found the information that I was given very helpful. The support from Sarah gave me confidence to be able to talk about things that I have not been able to for a very long time.  It was very encouraging and will help with my road towards recovery.

6/9/18 My confidence has come a long way, I feel like a new person different to when I started the Pentreath support programme. My self-esteem is now in the clouds and I have also made a friend too.

6/9/18 My situation was dire when started with Pentreath but with the right questions being asked support regarding debt, housing, mental health and well-being were highlighted: support was put in place quickly and I feel that now there is a future when I am ready to move forward.

6/9/18 I went to outset, which was useful regarding self- employment, help with PIP application and Sarah Talked with the DWP and helped me get my award without assessment. Thank-you to Tracey who ran the course and helped me through some difficult times but Pentreath were supportive.

6/9/18 When I first made contact with Pentreath I was extremely low and in a bad place mentally and emotionally. With Sarah’s help I have felt a lot better in recent months.  I feel am now more able and better equipped to manage my mental health through tough times using the techniques learned on the Self-esteem and Assertive Behaviour courses.

I’ve also started volunteering at the food bank, which is something that I enjoy and although I have had a bit of a wobble, I feel that it’s having a positive effect in getting me reads for work in the future.

18/9/18 The support has been massively appreciated and new paths were opened.

18/9/18 Having someone to talk to and advise me when applying and exploring for jobs has made all of the difference. Jess encouraged and supported me in going for this job.  I was also offered support financially for clothing.  I sorted that myself but it was great knowing that someone cared.  Meeting Jess and telling her about the role and responsibilities that I have was very rewarding.  I would like to recommend Pentreath to my friends and people I know with mental health issues so that they can access help.

16/10/18 The support that I have received has been fantastic! I really feel like the EIT have a good understanding of my needs and are enthusiastic.

19/9/18 My original perception of Pentreath was of an organisation for less able people and that its focus was horticulture. I have no idea where this notion came from but I didn’t think it was for me. My GP was very supportive and keen to give it a try and I am glad that I did as it was totally different to what I had expected.

I was very anxious about my first meeting with Steve but it went well. He is excellent at directing thought in a positive way and listened well.  There was no condemnation and I just got the feeling that he wanted to help me in any way that he could. His support and his ability to encourage me to try new activities or to persevere with existing projects gave me confidence in lots of areas.

He has been quick to point out the good things that I have tried and the successes amongst these. I have still had many ups and downs but overall, the summer has been a success.  There have been no major melt-downs and I even believe in myself, sometimes!  I am trying to overcome the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ of this world that have plagued my life.

I have planned, and been on a trip to London, decided and started attempts to get two cats (not with total success yet), joined Cornwall disability group though I have to find out more about them. I have looked at the possibility of companies that offer carers/companions to travel with me and now belong to a social group where I am the Membership Secretary. I am also trying to take a more active part in in the activities.

Most important is that for many years I have been slowly trying to make a difference for wheelchair users with better access to Trenance Park, drop kerbs, ramps to shops. Notices about red cord in disabled toilets and other areas. I tried but had almost given up as it seemed to be a losing battle but Steve encouraged me to continue and focused upon its value even in such a small way.  I have let my creative side slip in recent times and have now re-joined the art society and started a craft group in my house for the winter.  My greatest wish would be to go to a group but this is too difficult and this way I have some control!  Overall I am trying to focus on what I can do not what I can’t and to accept more gracefully the need to use my wheelchair.  My interpretation of “disabled” has become clearer and less emotive for the time being.  Everyone is disabled in some way!  Organisations need to focus on specific disabilities such as mobility issues rather than generalising.  I hate the feeling that a wheelchair still makes me invisible, thick and slow.

I feel now that it is okay to need a little support and I’m learning to accept it. It certainly has taken a long time to get there.  By taking small steps my confidence is growing.  I try one thing at a time and some have been successful.  I am desperately lonely but am conditioned to avoid making contacts.  It may not be possible to overcome this but it may just happen as I try new things.

Panic started at the thought that the enablement program had come to an end. I feel fortunate that it appears that there may still be support available.  I am doing my best to look forward and to live more successfully and I hold Steve in high regard for encouraging me to try and adopt this strategy.

19/9/18 I have enrolled on the Fitness Instructor course via Pentreath: they have been very helpful and supportive. It proves that having mental Health issues can’t stop you from getting where you want.

1/11/18 I just thought that I would give you an update on what I have been doing. I completed the online stress buster course which was quite helpful and gave me some tools to think about when managing stress, it does work sometimes!!  I have also started the computer course at ‘Link into Learning’ in Saltash. I have been to three sessions so far and am really enjoying it and picking up some tips.  I volunteered at the ‘Air Ambulance’ shop for six weeks before it closed, I really loved being there and met some nice people.  I discovered that I loved putting things in order and chatting with and helping the customers.  Bearing that in mind I looked into volunteering at Saltash Library (all those books to put in order) and start there next Tuesday as a volunteer host.

So thank you all very much for helping me to get on the courses.

17/10/18 I really enjoyed the walk and getting to know other people. I would like to do this again in the future.

15/10/18 I definitely feel as though I am coping well with anxiety and anger since working alongside Pentreath.

10/8/18 I have enjoyed working with Sarah. Sarah helped me to get in touch with the ask group and also info about how to re-claim my ESA,

14/8/18 Throughout my time with Pentreath I’ve been shown nothing but kindness. Now thanks to their support I have the confidence and focus to pursue my goals of self-employment with outset (an organisation I would not have known about otherwise).

22/8/18 Eric has helped me with my mental health and helped me improve my self-confidence. He introduced me to Penta which helped my social life and also to the ECDL course in computing which will help me in my goal of getting a job in admin.

13/8/18 I enjoyed the support which helped me with my confidence to achieve my goals. I have more opportunities open to me and got to experience new things.  My anxiety has reduced due to support.

9/8/18 I have managed to achieve some goals that were extremely difficult for me. My advisor was always calm and patient with me and I am starting to have more hope for my future.  There is help and support out there.

23/8/18 Due to my physical health declining I was unable to continue with Pentreath, but I did manage to attend the confidence and self-esteem course which I both enjoyed and benefitted from. I do hope to return to Pentreath when things improve in the future.

21/8/18 I have been encouraged to consider myself more, resulting in improving a little on my self-esteem, which is something I will continue to do to reach my goals. The two courses I undertook: Building Assertive Behaviour and Building Confidence & Self-Esteem have both furthered this development and encouraged me to find ways to stay positive and to love myself a little more. I feel a little more confident going forward and now have new methods of improving my self-esteem, positive attitude and confidence.

17/8/18 I was inspired by the Confidence and Self-Esteem course.

17/8/18 Going on the Pentreath Confidence course was definitely helpful. My job was at risk due to a buy-out and my sickness of seven months I was worried about my future.  Being able to discuss options should my job cease helped me to cope.  Thankfully I am still in the same job and optimistic about the future.

21/8/18 I have come out of depression and anxiety which was work-related. I am now on track with my job search and the future looks brighter

15/8/18 Staff from Stonham, echo centre, volunteer Cornwall, hugs foundation, rethink, active8, Bodmin hospital and healthwatch all said how fab Pentreath is and what great staff it has. Healthwatch grabbed me at the end and said please let all staff  know that the work they do in this community is much appreciated and that (they) never hear a bad word about us 🙂

26/6/2018 When I started with Pentreath I was a mess: I had low attendance, my parents were going to be fined; I skipped school; I had no self-worth and was terrified for the future. However, after about two years I’ve grown to be in school, sat all of my exams and am waiting for my future to begin.  Pentreath has really helped me progress to understanding how to sort myself out and how I control my future – no one else can.

21/6/2018 In the beginning I was suffering in silence from low mood and anxiety. Being able to speak to someone really has had a massive impact on where I am today.  When I got to know Carrie she helped me open up about my feelings and speak to a doctor and, most importantly, my Mum.  This helped me to be more open about how I was feeling and be able to talk to someone.   Thanks to Carrie I am now able to go out and enjoy myself an also have a positive view on my future and keep a positive mind set.

26/6/2018 The advisors at Pentreath have helped me greatly. Supporting me through my anxiety, encouraging me and sign-posting options I would have never thought of.  Also setting up courses, meetings, tests and career guidance.  This has helped me greatly in thinking about my future. My confidence has grown and my anxiety has lessened while my horizons have grown.

4/8/2018 I have always wanted to do my shopping in a supermarket that I have NEVER been too before. With the help, support and encouragement of my Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, this is what I achieved on 15th June 2018.  Pentreath is an amazing service that is very much under-valued.

6/4/2018 I have grown in confidence and self-esteem and managed to gain more independence. I am proud of achieving what I have and having had the support through Pentreath I feel I have been guided and advised which has really helped me achieve my goals and more.

13/7/2018 I have had the pleasure of Faye being my advisor who when I first saw her, immediately put me at ease not just by being friendly but with the person she is and I don’t normally like to trust strangers but I warmed to her from the outset. She even got me into my garden when I hadn’t been out there for a few years and now I love it out there and am trying to do it up – just need some turf and a few extra ornaments etc.  I still can’t go out of my front door but will try eventually.

Thank you so much for everything: being in my garden – even though it is just a small patio has opened up the outside for me and I am so grateful to Faye for doing that. I shall miss her.

18/7/2018 I have enjoyed my time on the Enablement Project – it got me out and I mingled with other people on the course – it’s a start for me.

29/7/2018 I have bipolar syndrome and I have managed this by the avoidance of any situations that may prove difficult to me even though, deep down, I knew this was wrong, I become reclusive to the point that I could only go to a limited number of places and only in the company of my wife and as I was not meeting people I had lost all care of my appearance and personal grooming. Then came Pentreath. Or should I say Jenny Skipp as my advisor and the only side of Pentreath I know. I don’t know how she managed it but Jenny got me to meet her in a supermarket, in a coffee bar and by myself. I don’t do any of this…  Or as I can now say, I didn’t do any of that.  Jenny seemed to understand me and over the three months of meeting her, she got me to agree to take on a range of tasks and activities to get me out and about for the first time in ten years.  She even got me onto a bus, which is a particular pet-hate of mine.  I don’t care that the bus was empty, it was a massive achievement for me.  Jenny has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try some new and some old activities to see what I was able to do and to confront some of my demons.  She even managed, very gently and without offending my sensitivities, to get me to clean myself up and to want to get out and socialise and try new things.  It felt great when she did not recognise me!  I now feel that I can fit in with everyone else a little better and know enough about my bipolar and heart conditions to withdraw if I need too rather than avoiding life all together which I was doing. I feel enabled.

31/5/2018 Working with Faye has really helped my confidence to grow. When I first started with Pentreath, my confidence and self-esteem were low.  I haven’t worked for many years so was quite nervous about going back to work.  After the support that I have received from Faye and the volunteering day that she set up at The Hugs Foundation I am now happy and excited about my new job at B & M. It has also improved my home life. My wife is happy with the changes she sees in me and is over the moon that I have a job.

6/6/2018 My journey with Pentreath has been a learning curve. I appreciate the support I have received.  I was in a low mood when I first asked Pentreath for some support.  They have been very supportive and having access to areas not accessible to the public, have been able to direct me to areas of help.  They have been there also for financial support also for interview clothes, travel costs etc. I would thoroughly recommend using Pentreath to help you back into work as they help you to believe in yourself again.

12/6/2018 I have achieved a greater sense of self-worth, going from introverted and alone (isolated for seven years) to opening up the meaning missing in my life and helping give me a greater appreciation for community, my life and the gifts I have to offer. Without Pentreath I wouldn’t have found meaningful work and emotional growth which people have said turned me into a new, formidable force for change and good. I have completely changed my life into a meaningful and passionate one from my time volunteering for organisations, charities and mentoring young men.  I feel as though the connections I made here will serve me into my old age.

13/6/2018 I got lots of job searches done and gained a job. It was helpful and boosted my confidence.

14/6/2018 Sally has been a great help with all the work she has done with me. I really appreciate it. I feel that I have come a long way since Sally has been working with. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort.  I’ll miss you!

17/5/2018 I feel that I have improved my social and communication skills, I also feel that my anxiety has improved and that I feel slightly more confident.

13/3/2018 I really enjoyed meeting with Jenny. She helped me gain perspective and offered a structured approach in addressing issues that made me feel overwhelmed. It was great to get an objective view from someone outside of the situation that I was facing particularly as I don’t have family or many friends in the area. This has reduced my feelings of isolation.  It was also great to have support, encouragement and reassurance and I found Jenny very helpful and calming! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny for her time, encouragement and support, it really made a difference.

13/6/2018 It’s been helpful to chat to someone about my problems. It’s nice to know that there is help out there and it has definitely made a huge difference having someone to go through everything with me.  This has helped me to feel better.  My outlook is now a lot more positive.

6/5/2018 I found that Sarah listened to my needs and then structured the project with my best interests at the forefront.I gained confidence all round but my confidence in Pentreath, should I return, is paramount.

24/5/2018 When I met Sarah I wanted to go on a training course for forklift truck driving. Sarah secured me a place with CMT, St Austell.  The follow up on this made me focus on my goals.  Also, due to a mix-up with my meds, Sarah was able to liaise with CMHT and my GP to ensure I was on the right ones.  I am now signed up with an agency looking for work.

18/6/2018 Since signing up to Pentreath they have helped me a lot. People have noticed that I am a more confident and outgoing person.  The one-to-one has helped me to get out and start using public transport again.

4/5/2018 Sarah was a very patient and helpful advisor. She helped me realise that I am doing all I can to survive each day despite my chronic depression.  The course on Building Confidence and Self-Esteem at Elfordingleigh was a positive step although I still have a long way to go before I have enough confidence to seek employment.  Sarah reassured me that my volunteering for the RSPCA is a very positive and helpful thing to do and feel proud of.

19/4/2018 I approached Pentreath on the recommendation of a family member. Despite a long list of academic successes and projects overseen of international significance, I was failing to obtain the job which I wanted. My current job involved too many tasks which were at odds with my physical disability therefore preventing me from getting my hands on tasks which allowed me to demonstrate my value, which in turn affected my pay. This has a bearing on the quality-of-life I could provide for my children which was also affecting the atmosphere in the family. This anxiety was playing highly in my performance at interview. Therefore my success rate in obtaining jobs was appalling. Pentreath took a detailed look at what I thought was a long impressive CV. Suddenly, with their guidance, I realised how chaotic it was. I was trying to capture all my skills and experience in a very scattergun approach. Through mapping my skills and experience against those qualities required typically in my field, my CV is very much more organised and I feel it demonstrates the added value that my skills could bring to an organisation. My disability brings with it additional challenges when interviewed for positions I am keen to get. This challenges often involve being tongue tied when answering simple questions. Pentreath were instrumental in helping me ask for and obtain simple adjustments from prospective employers to their interview protocols, allowing me showcase my capabilities in a much more professional manner. The additional skills in self-awareness and re-prioritisation have being of use in my present job also. I am mapping the skills of my team members to project objectives I will continue to do so until I am successful in moving on. Pentreath comes highly recommended.

27/3/2018 Meeting with Wendy as she was really warm and welcoming and has a very positive attitude. She helped me see my full potential and inspired me not to give up and was really motivational.  Wendy has helped me to get back on track.

26/4/2018 Working with Sally has helped me feel more confident to talk on the phone. I can now pick up the phone.  I can now pick up the phone and talk.

24/4/2018 Pentreath was able to help me to understand better what it was that I needed to do to be happy in employment and look at ways I can achieve that.

2/5/2018 Sarah was really helpful and I feel better about the future.

3/5/2018 Pentreath has been helping me feel more confident about going back out to a work place and has helped me to go onto more business courses that I hadn’t heard of.

23/3/2018 I have been working with Wendy for around two years and in that time she has helped me a great deal. From just being there for a friendly chat to really motivating me to get back on track and by helping me visit places and finding them for me to volunteer. Helping me to improve my C.V. and to gain employment. This was one of my goals when I first began with Wendy and I have achieved it!  I think that all the help and support that I have received from Wendy and my CPN’s at the Early Intervention Team is what has really pushed me into getting my life back to normal and things are getting better.  There have been many times I’ve felt like, giving up.  Afraid that things will never change and thinking my life had been ruined and there was no chance of ever living a normal life after my diagnosis.  Having Wendy and my other support helped me see that isn’t the case and inspired me to carry on. Pentreath and EIT both do amazing work and I believe that everyone suffering because of mental health problems would benefit from working with Pentreath.

3/5/2018 Pentreath has really helped me feel that I can get my life back in order. Helen has been a friendly face that I’ve been able to talk too regarding my various problems.  She has helped put me o two business courses which have helped a dream more of a reality.  So a massive thank you.

1/5/2018 Been very happy with the support that I’ve been given and with the many opportunities that I didn’t have before.

25/4/2018 Pentreath has helped me with my confidence. And given me more options than before.

25/4/2018 Laura helped me find myself again. Talking to her really helps.

8th May 2018 I now feel ready to move on to the next stage of my life.

30/4/2018 It has made me think that if I don’t do things for myself then no one will be willing to help me.

8/5/2018 I now find it easier to talk to people and I feel confident. I am enjoying my time at the charity shop and have learned a lot there which I can take to my future employment. I now look at life in a more positive way. The one-to-one sessions have helped me to manage my anxiety and have put me on the path to recovery. My time with Pentreath has made me realise that, with help, we can achieve our goals.

1/5/2018 Pentreath has helped me achieve some of my goals, it has also improved my confidence and got me into training.

2/5/2018 I feel that my confidence has gone up and my anxiety has gone down, I feel better about the future and now feel happier. I am now working on my Maths and English and other on-line course3s.

22/02/2018 I feel that Pentreath has helped me a lot to get over things. When I first met my advisor my confidence and self-esteem were low and I spent very little time out of my home.  By having help to access voluntary work, this has helped me a lot.  It’s keeping me busy, increasing my motivation and making me not think of bad things.  I am going out more and feel less scared when I do.  I am talking to people more and am making friends. Being with Pentreath has been fantastic.

15/03/2018 Before meeting Becky I struggled with my mental health but going on the ‘Confidence Course’ has helped me to really understand how my mental health makes me feel. I now feel more confident and positive about myself.

27/03/2018 Meeting with Wendy as she was really warm and welcoming and has a very positive attitude. She helped me see my full potential and inspired me not to give up and was really motivational.  Wendy has helped me to get back on track.

17/04/2018 I find Jenny very helpful. I enjoy our meetings for coffee as I have someone I can talk too outside of family life and moan too about situations.  She is very encouraging!!! .

09/04/2018 To begin with, volunteering was a goal for the future. Eric helped me to achieve this goal by building up my self-confidence and self-esteem. I have worked with Eric to reduce my anxiety. I have now started volunteering which I hope to continue.  Eric has supported me from the beginning and was pleased when I reached my goal.

12/04/2018 I haven’t been out of this house for five years but working with Faye and the help and encouragement that she has given me have enabled me to go out into my garden. I know that it isn’t overlooked by anyone but I still couldn’t go out even there but now I go out and plant and potter around for an hour or two a day.  I can’t do much more than that but for me that is big: so thank you, Faye, it means the world to me.  I know that it is only a patio garden but its outside and I’m now collecting bits for my garden to make it like another room with the greenhouse, planters, seating and solar lights, it has opened up something for me.  I still can’t go out the front and still don’t like seeing people for fear of being judged but I’m no longer cooped up inside anymore.  I’m not in jail – I used to think of this house as a prison.  Thank you!

29/03/2018 My advisor, Laura Constant, was fantastic and really helped me structure my job search and feel better about myself. She created a friendly environment for me to feel good about my opportunities.

13/03/2018 The support I have received from Pentreath has been invaluable. I have slowly gained confidence in my abilities, so much so that I am aiming to go to university after I have completed an access to an H.E. course this year.  This is has all been feasible due to the support of Pentreath as until I worked with them, I was unaware of the help that is out there for someone who was in my situation.   Pentreath have helped by offering emotional support which helped to rebuild my confidence whilst accessing the community, right through to funding copies of certificates to allow me to study. If it were not for Pentreath, I doubt my recovery would have been so quick and promising. I would like to thank you for all your help.

28/03/2018 Pentreath has given me information on services I have never considered before.

29/01/2018 My time with Pentreath and Tracy has been life changing. I have gained more confidence and am working towards achieving many things and making my mark in the world by working towards a specific career in working with kids with autism as I feel that I have a lot to offer.  Tracy has helped me make a lot of progress…  I’m open to try more things within the Who Dares Works programme and within other areas of my life as a whole.

27/02/2018 Very friendly service.

14/03/2018 Lara is very nice and helped me a lot. Pentreath are Mental Health specialists.

26/03/2018 The support I received was consistent and very helpful. The regular sessions gave me stability.

27/03/2018 Five Star!!

27/03/2018 Laura was lovely and made me feel very comfortable.

03/04/2018 The specific contribution of Pentreath to my mental health and wellbeing has been substantial.

26/03/2018 Adam was very helpful in improving my overall mood and self-esteem.

27/03//2018 It’s good to talk to Jenny about things I want to achieve, and what I need to do to get there. She helps me put my thoughts into words.

04/04/2018 I feel that Pentreath have really helped me. When I look back to where I was, all I can see is darkness but I feel that my future is much brighter now.  Without Pentreath I don’t know where I’d be.  They have given me the support that I needed to help me get through things and to get to college.

22/03/2018 I didn’t feel that I had many options until my meeting with Sally meeting, now I feel that I have many.

16/02/2018 Pentreath has helped me to get help. This has opened my eyes a bit as it is nice to know there is some help as I want to go out in public but was trapped before Pentreath helped me.  Sarah has been a great help to me and is very easy to talk to.  She cares about people and about her job.  She has been a great help to me.

26/03/2018 As I sat on the pale, rather squeaky and uncomfortable flame retardant sofa… I pondered my impending future and what it entailed.  The unknown felt like it was going to swallow me whole like a storm cloud on a bright summer’s day. The door swung open and I was greeted by a rather cheerful familiar face, my occupational therapist – well she wasn’t mine, everyone at the psychiatric unit received her support. She came over to sit next to me on the squeaky sofa. Everything that came out of her mouth sounded like a blurred white noise to me. But I knew what she saying, she was offering me another service that might help me – yet again. I just smiled and nodded to her and took the note she gave to me with the details of the service on.

Little did I know then of how much my life would change due to that small note.

I left school when I was ten years old, from then I had an informal home-schooling life due the hectic nature of my mental health problems. The next dose of formal education I received is when I went into a psychiatric unit, four days a week we did a morning of education which consisted of life skills, maths and English. I stayed in psychiatric units for the most part of three years, even though I did schooling during those three years at my time of discharge aged 17 I did not even have a functional skills or entry level qualification. The idea of going back into education was more than daunting, it was terrifying.

Not only would I be experiencing full time education again for the first time in seven years, this time I would be having to battle daily with my mental health problems. When I read that note the occupational therapist gave to me, it had contact information for a charity called Pentreath, not only was I sceptical as I never have heard of this charity before I also couldn’t imagine how they could possible help me, I felt like no one could.

I bit the bullet and me and my occupational therapist called them up and explained my situation. A few weeks later I had a knock on my door. Have you ever met someone in life that is so passionate and determined that they make you believe in yourself? Well that’s what affect my worker from Pentreath had on me. From the outset she believed that I could do anything I set my mind to even though others didn’t always agree, including myself.

I had only been out of the hospital a few short months when my worker came with me to my first college interview. I was so nervous I could have fainted but she stood by my side and she has been ever since. The work that we have done together and the lessons I have learnt will always stay with me. I went from being a girl who hid in the corner and got other people to speak up for her, to the girl I am today, who does not hide in any corners and who fights her own battles. My worker taught me that no matter how I may feel, I am as important as every other person on this earth and I deserve the same opportunities as them. She also taught me that if those opportunities aren’t just handed to me I fight for them and I fight for myself. Because I am deserving.

I am also proud to say that I now possess a grade 6 in G.C.S.E English language and I am working towards my maths. In the time I have been supported by Pentreath I have also completed an entry level 3 health and social care, a level 2 vocational studies and I am now completing a level 2 health sciences course with hope to further my studies at university. As cheesy as it sounds, that note with Pentreath’s contact information did change my life and who I am today. I am now a more independent and confident person who has achieved more than I ever believed possible for myself and I know now, this is only the beginning.

26/02/2018 Talking things through has helped greatly and meeting near home meant that I didn’t have to panic about the meetings and I was comfortable being there. I felt that there was someone who understands my situation.

22/03/2018 At the beginning I was a “Broken” person. But the more I attended the sessions, the better I felt. I’m able to think more clearly and positively now.

14/03/2018 Tracey has helped me focus my well-being and what I am trying to achieve by way of active plus. When I am engaged with this I am in a better place that has light at the end of the tunnel.  I would not be where I am today without the tremendous support given by Tracy.  With this on-going support I believe that my mental health should improve.

22/03/2018 Meeting with Kirsty has been really useful to have someone to chat with and to put me in touch with other organisations. I now have improved hope for my future.

26/02/2018 When I first met my advisor, I was in a really bad place. Alcohol and drug dependency was ruling my life.  I had no hobbies, friends or a safe place to live.  I was very suicidal and felt helpless.  Through the time I’ve been supported at Pentreath, I have accessed my GP, Addiction and other services with support from Carrie who attended with me.  She helped me with my housing situation as well and my life is about to change for the better.  I am going into detox the rehab this week and I have secured better housing in a better area for when I get out.  I am now looking forward to the future and I can’t thank Carrie or Pentreath enough. I now feel ready to get my life back on track and am determined to beat the addiction. Your help has made all of this possible.  Thank you.

12/12/2017 It has been very helpful and I can clearly see I am a much more confident person now. Dean helped me see what I really want to do with my life and now I am feeling very positive about the future.

22/03/2018 Pentreath runs an open minded and friendly service run by nice people.

22/03/2018 I feel that the approach is the key and that it was a great experience.

22/03/2018 Gave me confidence in finding work! Brought me closer to work situations.

27/02/2018 I have found working with Becky very helpful. My confidence has been increased by attending classes and groups that Pentreath helped me to become part of.  I have found Becky(H) friendly and approachable which made it easier to work with her.

27/02/2018 I think it has been fantastic and extremely helpful. I have a long term goal of attending Truro + Penwith College to compete an FdSc in Health and Nutrition and we have researched the course funding and how I can manage my anxiety.  I have made changes to my diet and stopped smoking.  This was a result of research on the link between diet and mental health.  This has made me feel healthier and stronger and resulted in me joining a gym.  Just finished my NCFE ‘Understanding  Nutrition and Health’ course and the support that I received was outstanding.  I had support with attending an introduction at college, writing, organising my work, reading printing and the advisor handing in my coursework at Cornwall College.  A big thank you for all the support I have received and I appreciate the advisor letting me make my own decisions on my future.

20/03/2018 Just happy with the general service. Becky has been amazing and very supportive.

20/03/2018 I found it very helpful to have an outside perspective especially with the situations at work where I was blaming myself when others were at fault. Being told that I did not have to apologise made me relax. Without Olivia I would not have known about the many services available to me such as the housing benefit hardship award, reduced water rates, spark, outset etc.

20/03/2018 Everything that needed to be done was covered. The sessions helped a lot for when we just talked I improved my conversation skills.

20/03/2018 Kelly has been a valuable and helpfully supportive individual in my journey of recovery. Without her I doubt I would have coped as well as I did or be feeling as I am feeling at present.  None judgemental. Compassionate, kind and friendly.  A great person to have supporting me. Thank you for all of your support.

20/03/2018 It has been very helpful and has helped me to focus on where I want to be. Thank you!

20/03/2018 Sarah MT helped me with voluntary work as a stepping stone to getting back to paid work after an absence of 4 years. Very helpful with information.

20/03/2018 I feel that Pentreath has helped me a lot to get over things.

20/03/2018 My advisor has really helped me to turn my life around. I am now due to go to detox and rehab and also to be moving.  None of this would have been possible without Carrie’s support.

20/03/2018 Pentreath helped support me through various applications which gave me more hope for the future. The support that I received was very helpful and I managed to achieve my goals quickly.

20/03/2018 Talking things through at meetings near home has helped.

20/03/2018 Amanda was someone who I could talk to before being moved on to someone else for support. Everyone’s been polite… more staff would be great.  It took four years to get a service, now I have CMHT and Pentreath. I am focused now and was very lucky to meet Amanda Hudson because she came across as very understanding of my current situation and I am quite complex in my needs. Even though her time is limited, she gave me time and space to talk while she listened. She brought me back to focus on things and made points very clearly and wrote them down. She passed me onto others who are also experienced. I feel protected working with a male worker which helps me feel calm.

20/03/2018 I feel much more confident about going into employment and am actually looking to my options.

20/03/2018 Helped with my self-confidence. My advisor helped me to understand what I was going through.  I think Pentreath provides a really good service which is very valuable to people.  No pressure was put on me and I was encouraged to do things.

20/03/2018 When I first came to Pentreath I was very low in confidence and self-esteem. I felt that there was nowhere to go when I first started but over the weeks I has helped to understand more about my condition and my confidence has slowly grown to the point where I am looking forward to starting work.  The support I have received from Kevin has been exceptional and I highly recommend Pentreath to everyone.

20/03/2018 I would recommend the EIT project to other people with similar needs. It has helped build my confidence in official situations, such as my interview with Cornwall College.  The project has helped me find my career path in seeking an apprenticeship in fitness.  I found it easy to talk to my advisor about everything.

20/03/2018 At the start I was a nervous wreck beings highly anxious about meeting my Pentreath worker. After a time I began to feel more confident and open about my future.  Now I feel less anxious and I have opportunities to new experiences.  I attended a computer course which helped me with my I.T. skills.  I found my interview with Volunteer Cornwall difficult at the beginning and struggled to get on track.  After a few meetings I felt good and positive.  I am due to begin work in a voluntary position with Devon and Cornwall police Speedwatch, which I am very much looking forward to.  I have never felt pressured or judged by my advisor and I have been allowed to progress at my own pace.

06/03/2018 You’ve been most helpful to me and the person I care for. You’ve helped both of us.

06/03/2018 Sarah has been very helpful and professional (not to mention patient). She has also provided greatly useful advice and support and helped me get involved with other services and projects which I feel will be of great help to my future development.  I would also like to thank Kirsty for her help and support at the time of my initial referral.

06/03/2018 Pentreath has really helped me rebuild my life after my breakdown.

06/03/2018 The first person who listened and understood me.

06/03/2018 Adam has changed my life.

06/03/2018 I really enjoyed the course. I know that it is helpful to me and my healing journey.

06/03/2018 First off I want to say thank you to Lynn my advisor, she has been amazing. So supportive, easy to talk to.  Lynn has helped me sort out some of my goals and where I want to go in the future. I think I have a more positive outlook in what I can achieve and pursue my goals. Thank you.

06/03/2018 A couple of months ago I had a lot of struggles and anxieties with work and other related things. Now I feel I have improved overall and have less worries!  Today in the activities I feel I have improved in my team building skills, met more new people and improved on my social skills.

Before: I felt really nervous/I was extremely panicky/I didn’t sleep/I couldn’t force myself to eat as much/I didn’t want to go

After: I was glad that I went/I ate like a horse/I still felt a little bit panicky (don’t know why)/I was really pleased with myself

06/03/2018 When I met my advisor I was not going out and had no interest. She took me to Spades at Bodmin run by Mind.  I was the only one there and Mary and my Advisor made me feel comfortable.  Since then I’ve been every week on my own driving there and helping.  I baked them a cake also.  The group has got a bit bigger.  i.e. 3 of us.  I do jobs: painting, digging and picking plants.  I look forward to going every week and feel able to tell Mary when I am ready to begin.

06/03/2018 I am a complicated person to say the least. As with anything in life there are opportunities that come along and it comes down to, do we take advantages of them or not?

Around 12 months ago I was referred to a project called fit for life via a Pentreath worker and took up this opportunity. This started last December and would be challenging as I had suffered the loss of a partner,, a house move, and financial and psychological abuse, to name but a few, within the previous 12 months.

A few months into the fit for life project, I found my life had some sort of purpose and had started to look forward to attending this on a weekly basis. The project encouraged people of all ages and abilities to engage.  During the next few weeks I met various members and key workers from Pentreath.  Liz, my key worker from Penzance, I believe, was encouraging and suggested that with my abilities that I my like to be referred onto a project with Pentreath and so my journey began with the Positive People project.

The Journey: My first meeting with my key worker, Sue, was another challenge, having to overcome anxiety, uncertainty and whether at this time in my life there was still any hope. I had become isolated, alone and had almost given up on life in general at this moment in time.  However after the first meeting I felt, at least for now, that there is someone out there who cares and is prepared to help me..  The Security of knowing that the project was long term (2 years) would help me as I would not feel too pressurised into completing anything too quickly.

The project would enable me to have support in many avenues and just knowing that there is someone there was massive for me. Sue was able to engage me with a number of people and the support and encouragement that I received has made me consider getting out into the world again.

Various projects were offered to me together with financial support as well as social support; all of which I had not received for some time.

Progress has been gradual however I can see that I have made massive steps in certain area. I feel ready to try things now were previously I had given up on life in general.  I attended all of our sessions and have gone on to meet Steve from Marine Network, Tash regarding doing some coaching qualifications, a nutritionist regarding  my physical wellbeing and have completed a food course to name but a few.

The most challenging for me was the food works course: I attended all of the days and successfully passed a food hygiene exam at the end. Surprisingly I learnt about myself as a person during this time: I lack a leadership role and let others take control; however I now know that given a challenge in my favoured position I would no longer be as fearful.  So the food for works is a definite benefit.

06/03/2018 12 months ago I was referred to the ‘Fit For Life’ project by my Pentreath key worker. As with anyone who has suffered with mental health issues there was an uncertainty of whether it was the right thing for me. The previous 12 months had seen some difficult times for me with the loss of a partner, financial and psychological abuse, moving house to name but a few.  The previous issues had meant that I had become alone and had lost what little confidence and self-belief that I had.  For 12 months I had little or no interest in life.  This led me to isolating myself from almost everyone so my confidence was at an all-time low.

The Project: The first session was a brief introduction into what and how the project worked. Workers from Pentreath, the coach and new members attended and we were given purpose again.  The project encouraged people of all ages, abilities and genders to engage.  Initially the sessions would run every two weeks and on Tuesday between 1 and 2 o’clock.

During the next few weeks I met various members and key workers from Pentreath. The numbers attended varied but our group were supportive of each other and it was fun based.  Vicki the coach was excellent and made us all feel welcome.  The key benefit for me was the fact that it was based on participation.  In a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

20/02/2018 Becky was the first person who listened to me since I moved to Cornwall.

20/02/2018 Pentreath was fast getting back to me. It has helped me to meet others and increases my confidence in approaching people.  When I first met Becky, I struggled with talking to people and she made me feel confident and encouraged me to go to more social activities such as fit for life.  This has helped me build more of a social life and has helped improve my mental health.  You have helped me realise my goals and priorities.

20/02/2018 I’ve found the meetings with Jenny helpful for keeping me focussed on targets. I’d like to achieve.  Being able to talk things through and get an objective view has made me feel more positive.

20/02/2018 Currently volunteering and helping at the ‘Grow for Good Project’, attached to Dartmoor Zoo, which I have attended for approximately three months; I worked with Wendy at Pentreath to find the placement. My biggest barrier to attending the placement was the drive from my home to Dartmoor Zoo and back again.  Wendy helped me to overcome this issue, firstly by taking me then, as time went by, following me in my car as I made the journey.  Now I attend and am driving myself unsupported.  At ‘Grow to Good’ I enjoy being part of a team and having projects that I am involved in where I can use my skills and learn new ones.  One project that I have been involved in is the building of a new platform for the tigers in their enclosure!!!!  At the ‘Grow to Good Project’ I am learning about different areas of horticulture and learning about plant names and the care of plants.  All this will hopefully lead to getting employed or starting my own business in the future. I am enjoying working with new people and being part of the project. At the end of the day I feel that I have achieved something and now feel I’ve also discovered I have a real interest in plants and horticulture.

20/02/2018 Thanks, Dobs, you’re a lovely person and this has been such a helpful course, thank you!

20/02/2018 The course was enjoyable and I learned a lot.

13/02/2018 Sarah has been fantastic in helping me with accessing further education and looking into volunteering possibilities and what opportunities were out there, a lot of which I didn’t know were there so thank you, Sarah, for offering me emotional support at our meetings.

13/02/2018 Adam was very helpful and easy to communicate with.

13/02/2018 In 2009 I was referred to Pentreath after suffering with my mental health at secondary school. I was given high quality support by Liz Turner and was supported by a project at Penzance.  I became highly involved with the website ‘Cornwall Mental Health.com’ and then volunteered with the young people’s team.  The support I gained was not only great but life changing. Nearly 10 years later I am healthy, engaged and running a high quality design studio in Cardiff. This would never have been possible without the constant support of Pentreath. I am visiting Cornwall in mid-February and will be showing my fiancée the Pentreath Building which changed my life.

13/02/2018 Started beginning of August just while working 4 nights a week. I then got into an FdSc degree at college.  Also started volunteering at the Seal Sanctuary and Hugs Foundation.  I am now in additional employment with animals as of December and now have a baby on the way.

13/02/2018 I am finding Becky’s help and communication during my re-housing and her support in other matters to be very helpful.

13/02/2018 I have found Becky very helpful and so want to thank everyone at Pentreath for giving me the help that I needed. Becky has been a great help and tried to answer all of my queries. If she couldn’t help me she very kindly offered to find out and let me know at our next meeting.  Without her help I would have felt really lost. Many thanks to you all.

13/02/2018 I have found working with Becky and Pentreath to be extremely helpful in attaining my goals. In only a few weeks I have managed to complete both short term goals set in the original meeting.  Becky has been very supportive and encouraging which has made the experience much more enjoyable.

13/02/2018 I needed to focus on my confidence and self-esteem to enable myself to get into work. Although I was very self-motivated, my advisor provided the right amount of support and guidance for me to gain the confidence that I needed. I really appreciate everything that Pentreath has done for me.

13/02/2018 I needed to focus on my confidence and self-esteem to enable myself to get into work. Although I was very self-motivated, my advisor provided the right amount of support and guidance for me to gain the confidence that I needed. I really appreciate everything that Pentreath has done for me.

13/02/2018 Sarah helped me to keep focused. She encouraged me to do things for myself, like swimming, walking, volunteering and getting back to work. She was excellent support.  I would like to take this time to say thank you to Sarah and Pentreath.

13/02/2018 I have never been able to look to the future and plan or see where I might be. Working with Sarah made that easier and I can now do that with ease and optimism.

13/02/2018 Since receiving support from you I feel like I can actually do something. I can go to college!  I have learnt ways to research it. If it wasn’t for the support I wouldn’t be going to link into learning. My long-term goal is to educate myself and get a qualification. During a work experience placement I experienced reduced symptoms compared to spending a day at home. It helped to fill my time and focus my mind. I wouldn’t have dreamt that I could do these things six months ago!

13/02/2018 I thought that I would write to let you know how thankful I am to Sarah for the help she gave me including getting me involved in two wonderful groups at the “Rusty Bucket” in Looe. I am really happy going there twice a week as it is a wonderful place with friendly people and the couple who run it at their home do so much to help everyone.  However, I could not have joined without Sarah’s help: she found the place for me and came with me to the first meeting.  She really knows her job and respects people and I can’t thank her enough for her help.  And also not forgetting Kirsty who helped me in my previous sessions and also yourselves for the good service you provide for people.

13/02/2018 I had bad depression and BPD. I came to Cornwall for a new start and didn’t know anyone.  After a little while my support workers got me to meet Steve from Pentreath.  We would meet up and plan my future steps.  Steve helped me to get a voluntary job at St Francis’ home for animals which I have been at for six months.  I also went on courses for Confidence and Self-Esteem building, which have both helped over the time that I have been meeting with Steve.  We also touched on assertiveness which I really needed due to people using me because I am vulnerable and I have a big heart.  I worked on my rights as a person and this has helped my confidence.  I wish Steve well in his studies, he was a great help to me and my mental health. My new advisor, Olivia, is great also, She has helped me into ‘link into learning’ looking at counselling and Zimba. Olivia is great because she is supportive and encourages me to try new things and new skills such as maths and other adult classes. I am very grateful for everything Steve and Olivia have done for me. I am looking forward and feeling more positive about my future and I feel now that I can rebuild myself so I can build a relationship with my son in future.

23/01/2018 My advisor has been supportive and it has been great to know there is someone there that cares.

23/01/2018 Pentreath actually listen and care.

23/01/2018 I really appreciate all the help and support from my advisor and the Pentreath team. I feel that having a connection with my advisor helped me gain the confidence to get into employment. Many thanks.

23/01/2018 I have felt very supported, especially just before Christmas. I feel positive enough to undertake some further education.

23/01/2018 Seriously amazing: helped me beyond words. I tried getting help from other agencies and wasn’t helped as much.  Have recommended you to friends, you definitely need to promote yourselves more as more people need your service and it is a pity you are not in Job Centres more,  also ask Doctors to promote you.

23/01/2018 My advisor has offered (and given me) excellent support which has helped immensely.

23/01/2018 Pentreath is an understanding, warm and supportive service.

23/01/2018 My advisor has been given me information and advice on how to proceed in the future in pursuit of gaining voluntary work or getting on courses. She has helped me to feel that whatever I might like to do could be achieved with the support which Pentreath offers.

23/01/2018 Before attending the FFL group I struggled with anxiety etc. and would find it difficult to get out. I felt depressed about life.  After attending the group for nearly a year I have improved my confidence and self esteem and anxiety and feel slightly better at coping.  It gives me a reason to get up and makes me feel good about things for a while afterwards, so (I feel that the group has been very beneficial to me and it is good to have a group of people playing sport together.

23/01/2018 FFL has enabled me to build on my low self-esteem. I’ve met friends and it’s helping with my general levels of activity.  It has also helped me to get back into playing different sports.  All of this contributes to maintaining good mental and physical health.

23/01/2018 I enjoy ‘Fit For Life’ because it has benefitted my life in many ways. It gives me a reason to leave the house.  I have met new people and we motivate each other.  It has inspired me to try new sports.  It gives me confidence.  When you have been you have a great sense of achievement and feel happy because of endorphins.  Fit for life isn’t about winning, it’s about taking part.  ‘Fit For Life’ is more than just going to a gym.  It’s been great seeing everyone develop.  We all work as a team.  We encourage and welcome new members and make them feel welcome.  It provides me with space to socialise in a safe environment.

23/01/2018 100% service that really boosted my confidence just having someone outside of family and friends to talk to without judgement and discrimination. Also Becky has been awesome every meeting has been fun. Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough. You offer a great service and more people need to know about you.  Keep up the good work, I will miss our meetings.  It is great to know that if ever I need you again, the door is open. Thank you.

23/01/2018 The support that I have received from Kirsty has made me feel more confident and has given me an opportunity to not only express how I am feeling but also to look at the options and additional help that is available to me.

15/01/2018 Very good service. Helped me get back into employment.

15/01/2018 I have enjoyed my time working with my advisors. They have given me the key to open my future and I am more positive looking forward.  I have my volunteering job which they helped me to get and also the education opportunities.

15/01/2018 Pentreath is more helpful than any other service.

15/01/2018 When I first started Badminton I lived in isolation now I’ve made new friends and even plucked up the courage to start an access course. My confidence is growing more and more.  Badminton has really helped me to get out of the flat and start building a new life.

15/01/2018 I had bad depression and BPD when I came to Cornwall for a new start and didn’t know anyone. After a little while my support workers got me to meet with an advisor from Pentreath.  We would meet up and plan my future steps he helped me to get a voluntary job at St Francis’ home for animals which I have been at for six months.  I also went on courses for Confidence and Self-Esteem building – which have both developed over the time that I have been with Pentreath.  We also touched on assertiveness which I really needed due to people using me because I am vulnerable and I have a big heart.  I worked on my rights as a person and this has helped my confidence.  I wish him well in his studies, he was a great help to me and my mental health. My new advisor who is great also, she has helped me into ‘link into learning’ and looking at counselling. She is supportive and encourages me to try new things and new skills,  such as maths and other adult classes. I am very grateful for everything my advisors have done for me. I am looking forward to, and feeling more positive about, my future and I feel now that I can rebuild myself so I can build a relationship with my son.

09/01/18 Being able to talk to someone about how I was feeling was like a weight lifted off me.

09/01/18 Just to thank you for starting me on the first steps to a positive, brighter future.

09/01/18 Change my whole life around, made me3 start fighting for a better life. If I had never signed up for your services I would have given up on life.

09/01/18 Having someone, often a stranger listen to me and then offer me different steps to take afterwards eased my mind.  It helped balance my emotions.

09/01/18 Really helped me in getting my life sorted. I’m better, I and feel a lot more confident and am a lot more proactive.

09/01/18 Pentreath gave me more hope for the future, it’s nice to know that there is support out there. My advisor helped me overcome barriers and move forward, achieve my goals and aspirations.

09/01/18 We started with various exercises: Anxiety Management; Goal Setting; Jobseeking; Confidence Building etc.. These helped me to improve in those areas and so I am now more confident and proactive.  I also feel more comfortable and communicating in person and over the ‘phone. A bus-trip exercise has helped me to overcome my anxieties about travelling alone on public transport, especially when it comes to changing buses, etc.

09/01/18 My advisor really made me feel at ease and I felt she really understood me and my needs.

09/01/18 At the beginning of my time with Pentreath I had very little hope for the future, then as I learnt new skills (how to apply for jobs online, how to write c.v.’s and more) I realised that I could have a better job/career in future. I can now edit a c.v. to match what job I am going for.  I can use resources hat I didn’t know were available before hand.  It has all been very helpful.

09/01/18 When I started with Pentreath I did not go out. My advisor encouraged me to go out for coffees and persevered to achieve success.  They introduced me to ‘Spades’ but it was not for me.  When I went to ‘Hugs’ I really liked it.  I fitted in straight away and now go three times a week to help with animals and clean stalls.  I have good fun with girls’ banter.  My advisor helped me with CPN assessment by coming with me.  They also helped me complete and attend a PIP application and visit.  All is being paid now.  I have been given routine and structure for my week with work and I hope to continue.

28/11/2018 Pentreath has helped me with being able to go to college and interact with other people and you have helped me go out more and you have also helped me with my depression and anxiety and I feel like I am able to manage them from my Windows Phone.

 28/11/2017 The best way you helped my son, you gave him confidence and now he helps his sister, he walks into college like he owns the place 😁. He now has a girlfriend and at the moment he’s loving life. Also he was diagnosed with autism, which will help in the future. As his mum, I can’t thank you enough for helping him. 😁

28/11/2017 Before I got help from my Advisor at Pentreath my confidence and motivation were very low but Pentreath have been helping me by finding me confidence courses and volunteering placements which have greatly helped me with my self-esteem and filling my time with positive activities.

28/11/2017 My Advisor was very encouraging. Helpful and fantastic in her role.  She has given me confidence and helped immensely in finding out about groups etc. That are helpful to me.  She has been brilliant and very supportive.

28/11/2017 Helped me to feel better about myself because the support has allowed me to gain access to other services and feel more positive about the future.

 28/11/2017 My Advisor ‘s support has helped me to see that I have value by increasing my confidence. I feel she really cares about the work she does.

Mental Health Employment Advisor. I have received: Help tailored to my needs and to get my job. Right answers to my questions rather than forms. Good, useful advice. Without this support I might not have even applied for my job.

28/11/2017 When I first met my advisor he helped me look for volunteer opportunities in Art Therapy which I needed to pursue alongside my degree, in which I also found with my advisor, this boosted my confidence and gave me hope for the future, we found a fine art work from home degree, I now see my advisor less regularly as we have found what we set out to find.

28/11/2017 About the support you have given me: I could not ask for more. You have been outstanding.  You have done everything I have asked and more.  About my goals: at first I did not think that I could achieve them.  But with your help. I now know that I can and for the first time in years I am actually looking forward to the future.  So thank you for everything you have done, you have helped me so much.  I cannot say thank you enough.

05/12/2017 When I first started with Pentreath, I didn’t like going out so was quite isolated. As I’ve become more confident and started to feel better about myself I have started to go out more and am going to new places.   I am in a better position now than I was and feel more confident about myself.   I am no longer turning to self-harm and feel I have better ways to help me cope.

05/12/2017 My advisor was always really empathic, attentive and understanding.  I always felt that she put maximum effort into researching my options and training opportunities.  Thanks to her diligence I am now volunteering at something that I’d never have thought of by myself but really enjoy.  She has helped me find direction where I was previously lost.

05/12/2017 Pentreath have shown me that I have options available to me and I now feel that I really have employment opportunities,

05/12/2017 Being able to go out a short distance – alone – is my biggest achievement because it opens doors for future opportunities…I am doing something I have been able to do for several years, even though it is scary, I am getting better at going out. I am still nervous but am doing it still and telling myself that it is for me.

05/12/2017 Since meeting my advisor I now feel more confident. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I can achieve things.  I have already been able to get out more and I feel excited about the future.

05/12/2017 The support that I have received has helped me to feel better about myself. I have had the support to gain access to other services and feel more positive about the future.

05/12/2017 My advisor has been so helpful and supportive to me that it has been amazing to have guidance from her. I feel that the doctor and councillors didn’t know how to help me.  She has been very encouraging and helped to lift my spirits with her positive attitude.  Contact with my advisor definitely helped me to move forward into the future with the aim of returning to work.  She is a definite attribute to your company and a lady that I will greatly miss contact with.

05/12/2017 It wasn’t until my GP referred me that I knew about this service. It’s been a good support to have someone friendly to talk to who is not intimidating. I now feel that I now have more opportunities available to me and I feel more optimistic about my future.

05/12/2017 Through my time with Pentreath I have gained the confidence to go for a job that I would not have considered.

05/12/2017 It was an excellent experience. It made me understand my mental health conditions more, plus there are excellent opportunities out there, such as training.  If it wasn’t for my advisor I wouldn’t have known anything about them.  My advisor was great and has really helped me a great deal.  I thought that the course that I went on was fantastic, very interesting and well presented. Keep up the excellent work, Pentreath.

05/12/2017 I started my Pentreath journey in May 2017 when I met Olivia for the first time and I didn’t know what to expect. My confidence was low and my self-esteem was pretty bad because of my back injury and my anxiety.  But going to the meetings has been great.  My advisor has been fantastic when listening to my concerns and helping me to get to where I am now with my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve done a computer course through CMT Training and have passed it, which I feel great about as it has given me confidence because I said to myself: “I can do this.” Yes, I still have the back injury and my advisor has been there helping me all the way. I went on to a Self-Esteem and Confidence course as well and that has helped me a lot and made me feel more confident. I am definitely feeling better about controlling my anxiety: Pentreath and my advisor have helped a lot, so I recommend going to Pentreath because they are fantastic!

13/12/2017 I am a complicated person to say the least. As with anything in life there are opportunities that come along and it comes down to, do we take advantages of them or not? Around 12 months ago I was referred to a project called fit for life via a Pentreath worker and took up this opportunity. This started last December and would be challenging as I had suffered the loss of a partner, a house move, and financial and psychological abuse, to name but a few, within the previous 12 months. A few months into the fit for life project, I found my life had some sort of purpose and had started to look forward to attending this on a weekly basis. The project encouraged people of all ages and abilities to engage.  During the next few weeks I met various members and key workers from Pentreath.  Liz, my key worker from Penzance, I believe, was encouraging and suggested that with my abilities that I my like to be referred onto a project with Pentreath and so my journey began with the Positive People project.

The Journey. My first meeting with my key worker, Sue, was another challenge, having to overcome anxiety, uncertainty and whether at this time in my life there was still any hope. I had become isolated, alone and had almost given up on life in general at this moment in time.  However after the first meeting I felt, at least for now, that there is someone out there who cares and is prepared to help me..  The Security of knowing that the project was long term (2 years) would help me as I would not feel too pressurised into completing anything too quickly. The project would enable me to have support in many avenues and just knowing that there is someone there was massive for me. Sue was able to engage me with a number of people and the support and encouragement that I received has made me consider getting out into the world again.

Various projects were offered to me together with financial support as well as social support; all of which I had not received for some time. Progress has been gradual however I can see that I have made massive steps in certain area. I feel ready to try things now were previously I had given up on life in general.  I attended all of our sessions and have gone on to meet  Marine Network, regarding doing some coaching qualifications, a nutritionist regarding  my physical wellbeing and have completed a food course to name but a few.

The most challenging for me was the food works course: I attended all of the days and successfully passed a food hygiene exam at the end. Surprisingly I learnt about myself as a person during this time: I lack a leadership role and let others take control; however I now know that given a challenge in my favoured position I would no longer be as fearful.  So the food for works as a definite benefit. Sue, my key worker has been a Godsend. She has given me every opportunity to get on with my life again.  This was at the stage where I honestly thought the world had given up on me.  The journey has begun and it is a real shame that she will not be there to see it through with me.

She has given me something I have probably not had for over 10 years – hope. I have not been the easiest person to get to know as my insecurities mean that I lack confidence and find it hard to let people in.  I cannot thank her (and the project) enough and hopefully the journey will continue and have a happy ending.

13/12/2017 I didn’t know where to start. My advisor gave me the confidence to rebuild my likelihood of returning to work she was easy to work with and was very inspiring.

13/12/2017 At the beginning I felt low about myself and didn’t want to come to school because of bullying issues, the support and advice that I was given by my advisor at the start helped boost my confidence. It got to a point where I could tell/say anything that was worrying me because I could trust them.  Things were going on over my head, so when I sat down out of lessons for an hour and was able to talk and let my feelings out to someone so understanding who then gave me advice, this really helped.  Some of the advice I was given will stick with me for ever.  It taught me a lesson.

13/12/2017 I originally wanted to do part-time voluntary work. After several sessions with my advisor I was appointed to a project volunteer role in a place that is very enjoyable and exactly where I wanted to be doing something that I have always wanted to do. The support I received during the process with regards to my c.v., options and ideas was fantastic and it was so valuable having help every step of the way.

13/12/2017 I’d recommend Pentreath as they are easy to trust and easy to talk to. They always know what to say and focus on you and your problems.

13/12/2017 Since seeing my advisor I have come a long way in how I approach, view and handle situations. Seeing her has helped me massively and I would highly recommend her.  I used be quite a nervy, anxious boy that felt like he couldn’t express his confidence.  Now I feel a lot more secure about my school life, my home life and myself as a whole.  I have grown in confidence and learned that no matter how bad the situation, you can get through it.  I’d just like to say a massive thank you. 😁

19/12/2017 My G.P. put me in contact with Pentreath and they have been really helpful. They first put me in touch with my first advisor who took the time to meet me and discuss my problems, she was very helpful and listened to me and did not judge me.  She really did her job well and helped me to realise and understand my problems.  Next, Pentreath put me in touch with another advisor who was also really helpful to me in that she listened without being judgemental and gave me time to discuss my problems.  She took the time and trouble to help me find places I could go to meet people with more confidence.  She attended places with me and I have now joined two groups that are of interest to me and I have now met some lovely friendly people and I really look forward to going there every week and it’s all been done with Pentreath’s time and. I started the journey feeling lost and alone. I ended it feeling that life can be worth living again and moving forward so I have nothing but praise and thanks to my advisors and Pentreath.  Finally, it is great to know that everything that you discuss with them is kept confidential and secure. I have achieved the feeling that life can be made better and worth living when you have support – which Pentreath have given me lots of.

19/12/2017 Made me able to mix with other people more.   I think that I may be able to learn to read and write in future with support from Pentreath next year.

19/12/2017 When I first started with my advisor I had things that I wanted to do but had no motivation. I have managed, with my carer, to start going to the rifle shooting for the visually impaired.  I like the solitude and feeling of solitude when I am shooting.  I have also gone to “fit4life” a few times and find that being with people that have similar issues makes me comfortable.  I wouldn’t have gone to either of these activities without some motivation.