We are proud of the work we do. Below are some examples of how we have helped our clients:

20/02/2018 Becky was the first person who listened to me since I moved to Cornwall.

20/02/2018 Pentreath was fast getting back to me. It has helped me to meet others and increases my confidence in approaching people.  When I first met Becky, I struggled with talking to people and she made me feel confident and encouraged me to go to more social activities such as fit for life.  This has helped me build more of a social life and has helped improve my mental health.  You have helped me realise my goals and priorities.

20/02/2018 I’ve found the meetings with Jenny helpful for keeping me focussed on targets. I’d like to achieve.  Being able to talk things through and get an objective view has made me feel more positive.

20/02/2018 Currently volunteering and helping at the ‘Grow for Good Project’, attached to Dartmoor Zoo, which I have attended for approximately three months; I worked with Wendy at Pentreath to find the placement. My biggest barrier to attending the placement was the drive from my home to Dartmoor Zoo and back again.  Wendy helped me to overcome this issue, firstly by taking me then, as time went by, following me in my car as I made the journey.  Now I attend and am driving myself unsupported.  At ‘Grow to Good’ I enjoy being part of a team and having projects that I am involved in where I can use my skills and learn new ones.  One project that I have been involved in is the building of a new platform for the tigers in their enclosure!!!!  At the ‘Grow to Good Project’ I am learning about different areas of horticulture and learning about plant names and the care of plants.  All this will hopefully lead to getting employed or starting my own business in the future. I am enjoying working with new people and being part of the project. At the end of the day I feel that I have achieved something and now feel I’ve also discovered I have a real interest in plants and horticulture.

20/02/2018 Thanks, Dobs, you’re a lovely person and this has been such a helpful course, thank you!

20/02/2018 The course was enjoyable and I learned a lot.

13/02/2018 Sarah has been fantastic in helping me with accessing further education and looking into volunteering possibilities and what opportunities were out there, a lot of which I didn’t know were there so thank you, Sarah, for offering me emotional support at our meetings.

13/02/2018 Adam was very helpful and easy to communicate with.

13/02/2018 In 2009 I was referred to Pentreath after suffering with my mental health at secondary school. I was given high quality support by Liz Turner and was supported by a project at Penzance.  I became highly involved with the website ‘Cornwall Mental Health.com’ and then volunteered with the young people’s team.  The support I gained was not only great but life changing. Nearly 10 years later I am healthy, engaged and running a high quality design studio in Cardiff. This would never have been possible without the constant support of Pentreath. I am visiting Cornwall in mid-February and will be showing my fiancée the Pentreath Building which changed my life.

13/02/2018 Started beginning of August just while working 4 nights a week. I then got into an FdSc degree at college.  Also started volunteering at the Seal Sanctuary and Hugs Foundation.  I am now in additional employment with animals as of December and now have a baby on the way.

13/02/2018 I am finding Becky’s help and communication during my re-housing and her support in other matters to be very helpful.

13/02/2018 I have found Becky very helpful and so want to thank everyone at Pentreath for giving me the help that I needed. Becky has been a great help and tried to answer all of my queries. If she couldn’t help me she very kindly offered to find out and let me know at our next meeting.  Without her help I would have felt really lost. Many thanks to you all.

13/02/2018 I have found working with Becky and Pentreath to be extremely helpful in attaining my goals. In only a few weeks I have managed to complete both short term goals set in the original meeting.  Becky has been very supportive and encouraging which has made the experience much more enjoyable.

13/02/2018 I needed to focus on my confidence and self-esteem to enable myself to get into work. Although I was very self-motivated, my advisor provided the right amount of support and guidance for me to gain the confidence that I needed. I really appreciate everything that Pentreath has done for me.

13/02/2018 I needed to focus on my confidence and self-esteem to enable myself to get into work. Although I was very self-motivated, my advisor provided the right amount of support and guidance for me to gain the confidence that I needed. I really appreciate everything that Pentreath has done for me.

13/02/2018 Sarah helped me to keep focused. She encouraged me to do things for myself, like swimming, walking, volunteering and getting back to work. She was excellent support.  I would like to take this time to say thank you to Sarah and Pentreath.

13/02/2018 I have never been able to look to the future and plan or see where I might be. Working with Sarah made that easier and I can now do that with ease and optimism.

13/02/2018 Since receiving support from you I feel like I can actually do something. I can go to college!  I have learnt ways to research it. If it wasn’t for the support I wouldn’t be going to link into learning. My long-term goal is to educate myself and get a qualification. During a work experience placement I experienced reduced symptoms compared to spending a day at home. It helped to fill my time and focus my mind. I wouldn’t have dreamt that I could do these things six months ago!

13/02/2018 I thought that I would write to let you know how thankful I am to Sarah for the help she gave me including getting me involved in two wonderful groups at the “Rusty Bucket” in Looe. I am really happy going there twice a week as it is a wonderful place with friendly people and the couple who run it at their home do so much to help everyone.  However, I could not have joined without Sarah’s help: she found the place for me and came with me to the first meeting.  She really knows her job and respects people and I can’t thank her enough for her help.  And also not forgetting Kirsty who helped me in my previous sessions and also yourselves for the good service you provide for people.

13/02/2018 I had bad depression and BPD. I came to Cornwall for a new start and didn’t know anyone.  After a little while my support workers got me to meet Steve from Pentreath.  We would meet up and plan my future steps.  Steve helped me to get a voluntary job at St Francis’ home for animals which I have been at for six months.  I also went on courses for Confidence and Self-Esteem building, which have both helped over the time that I have been meeting with Steve.  We also touched on assertiveness which I really needed due to people using me because I am vulnerable and I have a big heart.  I worked on my rights as a person and this has helped my confidence.  I wish Steve well in his studies, he was a great help to me and my mental health. My new advisor, Olivia, is great also, She has helped me into ‘link into learning’ looking at counselling and Zimba. Olivia is great because she is supportive and encourages me to try new things and new skills such as maths and other adult classes. I am very grateful for everything Steve and Olivia have done for me. I am looking forward and feeling more positive about my future and I feel now that I can rebuild myself so I can build a relationship with my son in future.

23/01/2018 My advisor has been supportive and it has been great to know there is someone there that cares.

23/01/2018 Pentreath actually listen and care.

23/01/2018 I really appreciate all the help and support from my advisor and the Pentreath team. I feel that having a connection with my advisor helped me gain the confidence to get into employment. Many thanks.

23/01/2018 I have felt very supported, especially just before Christmas. I feel positive enough to undertake some further education.

23/01/2018 Seriously amazing: helped me beyond words. I tried getting help from other agencies and wasn’t helped as much.  Have recommended you to friends, you definitely need to promote yourselves more as more people need your service and it is a pity you are not in Job Centres more,  also ask Doctors to promote you.

23/01/2018 My advisor has offered (and given me) excellent support which has helped immensely.

23/01/2018 Pentreath is an understanding, warm and supportive service.

23/01/2018 My advisor has been given me information and advice on how to proceed in the future in pursuit of gaining voluntary work or getting on courses. She has helped me to feel that whatever I might like to do could be achieved with the support which Pentreath offers.

23/01/2018 Before attending the FFL group I struggled with anxiety etc. and would find it difficult to get out. I felt depressed about life.  After attending the group for nearly a year I have improved my confidence and self esteem and anxiety and feel slightly better at coping.  It gives me a reason to get up and makes me feel good about things for a while afterwards, so (I feel that the group has been very beneficial to me and it is good to have a group of people playing sport together.

23/01/2018 FFL has enabled me to build on my low self-esteem. I’ve met friends and it’s helping with my general levels of activity.  It has also helped me to get back into playing different sports.  All of this contributes to maintaining good mental and physical health.

23/01/2018 I enjoy ‘Fit For Life’ because it has benefitted my life in many ways. It gives me a reason to leave the house.  I have met new people and we motivate each other.  It has inspired me to try new sports.  It gives me confidence.  When you have been you have a great sense of achievement and feel happy because of endorphins.  Fit for life isn’t about winning, it’s about taking part.  ‘Fit For Life’ is more than just going to a gym.  It’s been great seeing everyone develop.  We all work as a team.  We encourage and welcome new members and make them feel welcome.  It provides me with space to socialise in a safe environment.

23/01/2018 100% service that really boosted my confidence just having someone outside of family and friends to talk to without judgement and discrimination. Also Becky has been awesome every meeting has been fun. Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough. You offer a great service and more people need to know about you.  Keep up the good work, I will miss our meetings.  It is great to know that if ever I need you again, the door is open. Thank you.

23/01/2018 The support that I have received from Kirsty has made me feel more confident and has given me an opportunity to not only express how I am feeling but also to look at the options and additional help that is available to me.

15/01/2018 Very good service. Helped me get back into employment.

15/01/2018 I have enjoyed my time working with my advisors. They have given me the key to open my future and I am more positive looking forward.  I have my volunteering job which they helped me to get and also the education opportunities.

15/01/2018 Pentreath is more helpful than any other service.

15/01/2018 When I first started Badminton I lived in isolation now I’ve made new friends and even plucked up the courage to start an access course. My confidence is growing more and more.  Badminton has really helped me to get out of the flat and start building a new life.

15/01/2018 I had bad depression and BPD when I came to Cornwall for a new start and didn’t know anyone. After a little while my support workers got me to meet with an advisor from Pentreath.  We would meet up and plan my future steps he helped me to get a voluntary job at St Francis’ home for animals which I have been at for six months.  I also went on courses for Confidence and Self-Esteem building – which have both developed over the time that I have been with Pentreath.  We also touched on assertiveness which I really needed due to people using me because I am vulnerable and I have a big heart.  I worked on my rights as a person and this has helped my confidence.  I wish him well in his studies, he was a great help to me and my mental health. My new advisor who is great also, she has helped me into ‘link into learning’ and looking at counselling. She is supportive and encourages me to try new things and new skills,  such as maths and other adult classes. I am very grateful for everything my advisors have done for me. I am looking forward to, and feeling more positive about, my future and I feel now that I can rebuild myself so I can build a relationship with my son.

09/01/18 Being able to talk to someone about how I was feeling was like a weight lifted off me.

09/01/18 Just to thank you for starting me on the first steps to a positive, brighter future.

09/01/18 Change my whole life around, made me3 start fighting for a better life. If I had never signed up for your services I would have given up on life.

09/01/18 Having someone, often a stranger listen to me and then offer me different steps to take afterwards eased my mind.  It helped balance my emotions.

09/01/18 Really helped me in getting my life sorted. I’m better, I and feel a lot more confident and am a lot more proactive.

09/01/18 Pentreath gave me more hope for the future, it’s nice to know that there is support out there. My advisor helped me overcome barriers and move forward, achieve my goals and aspirations.

09/01/18 We started with various exercises: Anxiety Management; Goal Setting; Jobseeking; Confidence Building etc.. These helped me to improve in those areas and so I am now more confident and proactive.  I also feel more comfortable and communicating in person and over the ‘phone. A bus-trip exercise has helped me to overcome my anxieties about travelling alone on public transport, especially when it comes to changing buses, etc.

09/01/18 My advisor really made me feel at ease and I felt she really understood me and my needs.

09/01/18 At the beginning of my time with Pentreath I had very little hope for the future, then as I learnt new skills (how to apply for jobs online, how to write c.v.’s and more) I realised that I could have a better job/career in future. I can now edit a c.v. to match what job I am going for.  I can use resources hat I didn’t know were available before hand.  It has all been very helpful.

09/01/18 When I started with Pentreath I did not go out. My advisor encouraged me to go out for coffees and persevered to achieve success.  They introduced me to ‘Spades’ but it was not for me.  When I went to ‘Hugs’ I really liked it.  I fitted in straight away and now go three times a week to help with animals and clean stalls.  I have good fun with girls’ banter.  My advisor helped me with CPN assessment by coming with me.  They also helped me complete and attend a PIP application and visit.  All is being paid now.  I have been given routine and structure for my week with work and I hope to continue.

28/11/2018 Pentreath has helped me with being able to go to college and interact with other people and you have helped me go out more and you have also helped me with my depression and anxiety and I feel like I am able to manage them from my Windows Phone.

 28/11/2017 The best way you helped my son, you gave him confidence and now he helps his sister, he walks into college like he owns the place 😁. He now has a girlfriend and at the moment he’s loving life. Also he was diagnosed with autism, which will help in the future. As his mum, I can’t thank you enough for helping him. 😁

28/11/2017 Before I got help from my Advisor at Pentreath my confidence and motivation were very low but Pentreath have been helping me by finding me confidence courses and volunteering placements which have greatly helped me with my self-esteem and filling my time with positive activities.

28/11/2017 My Advisor was very encouraging. Helpful and fantastic in her role.  She has given me confidence and helped immensely in finding out about groups etc. That are helpful to me.  She has been brilliant and very supportive.

28/11/2017 Helped me to feel better about myself because the support has allowed me to gain access to other services and feel more positive about the future.

 28/11/2017 My Advisor ‘s support has helped me to see that I have value by increasing my confidence. I feel she really cares about the work she does.

Mental Health Employment Advisor. I have received: Help tailored to my needs and to get my job. Right answers to my questions rather than forms. Good, useful advice. Without this support I might not have even applied for my job.

28/11/2017 When I first met my advisor he helped me look for volunteer opportunities in Art Therapy which I needed to pursue alongside my degree, in which I also found with my advisor, this boosted my confidence and gave me hope for the future, we found a fine art work from home degree, I now see my advisor less regularly as we have found what we set out to find.

28/11/2017 About the support you have given me: I could not ask for more. You have been outstanding.  You have done everything I have asked and more.  About my goals: at first I did not think that I could achieve them.  But with your help. I now know that I can and for the first time in years I am actually looking forward to the future.  So thank you for everything you have done, you have helped me so much.  I cannot say thank you enough.

05/12/2017 When I first started with Pentreath, I didn’t like going out so was quite isolated. As I’ve become more confident and started to feel better about myself I have started to go out more and am going to new places.   I am in a better position now than I was and feel more confident about myself.   I am no longer turning to self-harm and feel I have better ways to help me cope.

05/12/2017 My advisor was always really empathic, attentive and understanding.  I always felt that she put maximum effort into researching my options and training opportunities.  Thanks to her diligence I am now volunteering at something that I’d never have thought of by myself but really enjoy.  She has helped me find direction where I was previously lost.

05/12/2017 Pentreath have shown me that I have options available to me and I now feel that I really have employment opportunities,

05/12/2017 Being able to go out a short distance – alone – is my biggest achievement because it opens doors for future opportunities…I am doing something I have been able to do for several years, even though it is scary, I am getting better at going out. I am still nervous but am doing it still and telling myself that it is for me.

05/12/2017 Since meeting my advisor I now feel more confident. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I can achieve things.  I have already been able to get out more and I feel excited about the future.

05/12/2017 The support that I have received has helped me to feel better about myself. I have had the support to gain access to other services and feel more positive about the future.

05/12/2017 My advisor has been so helpful and supportive to me that it has been amazing to have guidance from her. I feel that the doctor and councillors didn’t know how to help me.  She has been very encouraging and helped to lift my spirits with her positive attitude.  Contact with my advisor definitely helped me to move forward into the future with the aim of returning to work.  She is a definite attribute to your company and a lady that I will greatly miss contact with.

05/12/2017 It wasn’t until my GP referred me that I knew about this service. It’s been a good support to have someone friendly to talk to who is not intimidating. I now feel that I now have more opportunities available to me and I feel more optimistic about my future.


05/12/2017 Through my time with Pentreath I have gained the confidence to go for a job that I would not have considered.

05/12/2017 It was an excellent experience. It made me understand my mental health conditions more, plus there are excellent opportunities out there, such as training.  If it wasn’t for my advisor I wouldn’t have known anything about them.  My advisor was great and has really helped me a great deal.  I thought that the course that I went on was fantastic, very interesting and well presented. Keep up the excellent work, Pentreath.

05/12/2017 I started my Pentreath journey in May 2017 when I met Olivia for the first time and I didn’t know what to expect. My confidence was low and my self-esteem was pretty bad because of my back injury and my anxiety.  But going to the meetings has been great.  My advisor has been fantastic when listening to my concerns and helping me to get to where I am now with my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve done a computer course through CMT Training and have passed it, which I feel great about as it has given me confidence because I said to myself: “I can do this.” Yes, I still have the back injury and my advisor has been there helping me all the way. I went on to a Self-Esteem and Confidence course as well and that has helped me a lot and made me feel more confident. I am definitely feeling better about controlling my anxiety: Pentreath and my advisor have helped a lot, so I recommend going to Pentreath because they are fantastic!

13/12/2017 I am a complicated person to say the least. As with anything in life there are opportunities that come along and it comes down to, do we take advantages of them or not? Around 12 months ago I was referred to a project called fit for life via a Pentreath worker and took up this opportunity. This started last December and would be challenging as I had suffered the loss of a partner, a house move, and financial and psychological abuse, to name but a few, within the previous 12 months. A few months into the fit for life project, I found my life had some sort of purpose and had started to look forward to attending this on a weekly basis. The project encouraged people of all ages and abilities to engage.  During the next few weeks I met various members and key workers from Pentreath.  Liz, my key worker from Penzance, I believe, was encouraging and suggested that with my abilities that I my like to be referred onto a project with Pentreath and so my journey began with the Positive People project.

The Journey. My first meeting with my key worker, Sue, was another challenge, having to overcome anxiety, uncertainty and whether at this time in my life there was still any hope. I had become isolated, alone and had almost given up on life in general at this moment in time.  However after the first meeting I felt, at least for now, that there is someone out there who cares and is prepared to help me..  The Security of knowing that the project was long term (2 years) would help me as I would not feel too pressurised into completing anything too quickly. The project would enable me to have support in many avenues and just knowing that there is someone there was massive for me. Sue was able to engage me with a number of people and the support and encouragement that I received has made me consider getting out into the world again.

Various projects were offered to me together with financial support as well as social support; all of which I had not received for some time. Progress has been gradual however I can see that I have made massive steps in certain area. I feel ready to try things now were previously I had given up on life in general.  I attended all of our sessions and have gone on to meet Steve from Marine Network, Tash regarding doing some coaching qualifications, a nutritionist regarding  my physical wellbeing and have completed a food course to name but a few.

The most challenging for me was the food works course: I attended all of the days and successfully passed a food hygiene exam at the end. Surprisingly I learnt about myself as a person during this time: I lack a leadership role and let others take control; however I now know that given a challenge in my favoured position I would no longer be as fearful.  So the food for works as a definite benefit. Sue, my key worker has been a Godsend. She has given me every opportunity to get on with my life again.  This was at the stage where I honestly thought the world had given up on me.  The journey has begun and it is a real shame that she will not be there to see it through with me.

She has given me something I have probably not had for over 10 years – hope. I have not been the easiest person to get to know as my insecurities mean that I lack confidence and find it hard to let people in.  I cannot thank her (and the project) enough and hopefully the journey will continue and have a happy ending.

13/12/2017 I didn’t know where to start. My advisor gave me the confidence to rebuild my likelihood of returning to work she was easy to work with and was very inspiring.

13/12/2017 At the beginning I felt low about myself and didn’t want to come to school because of bullying issues, the support and advice that I was given by my advisor at the start helped boost my confidence. It got to a point where I could tell/say anything that was worrying me because I could trust them.  Things were going on over my head, so when I sat down out of lessons for an hour and was able to talk and let my feelings out to someone so understanding who then gave me advice, this really helped.  Some of the advice I was given will stick with me for ever.  It taught me a lesson.

13/12/2017 I originally wanted to do part-time voluntary work. After several sessions with my advisor I was appointed to a project volunteer role in a place that is very enjoyable and exactly where I wanted to be doing something that I have always wanted to do. The support I received during the process with regards to my c.v., options and ideas was fantastic and it was so valuable having help every step of the way.

13/12/2017 I’d recommend Pentreath as they are easy to trust and easy to talk to. They always know what to say and focus on you and your problems.

13/12/2017 Since seeing my advisor I have come a long way in how I approach, view and handle situations. Seeing her has helped me massively and I would highly recommend her.  I used be quite a nervy, anxious boy that felt like he couldn’t express his confidence.  Now I feel a lot more secure about my school life, my home life and myself as a whole.  I have grown in confidence and learned that no matter how bad the situation, you can get through it.  I’d just like to say a massive thank you. 😁

19/12/2017 My G.P. put me in contact with Pentreath and they have been really helpful. They first put me in touch with my first advisor who took the time to meet me and discuss my problems, she was very helpful and listened to me and did not judge me.  She really did her job well and helped me to realise and understand my problems.  Next, Pentreath put me in touch with another advisor who was also really helpful to me in that she listened without being judgemental and gave me time to discuss my problems.  She took the time and trouble to help me find places I could go to meet people with more confidence.  She attended places with me and I have now joined two groups that are of interest to me and I have now met some lovely friendly people and I really look forward to going there every week and it’s all been done with Pentreath’s time and. I started the journey feeling lost and alone. I ended it feeling that life can be worth living again and moving forward so I have nothing but praise and thanks to my advisors and Pentreath.  Finally, it is great to know that everything that you discuss with them is kept confidential and secure. I have achieved the feeling that life can be made better and worth living when you have support – which Pentreath have given me lots of.

19/12/2017 Made me able to mix with other people more.   I think that I may be able to learn to read and write in future with support from Pentreath next year.

19/12/2017 When I first started with my advisor I had things that I wanted to do but had no motivation. I have managed, with my carer, to start going to the rifle shooting for the visually impaired.  I like the solitude and feeling of solitude when I am shooting.  I have also gone to “fit4life” a few times and find that being with people that have similar issues makes me comfortable.  I wouldn’t have gone to either of these activities without some motivation.