Referrals to this project have now closed and it will cease to deliver on 31st March 2020

Support on the Ignite is provided on an outreach basis ensuring the young person is in an environment where they feel comfortable. After the initial action plan is developed and agreed, the Ignite project will provide both practical and emotional support for the young person to achieve their identified goals. In addition, the Ignite workers will provide support between meetings and supported activities via telephone where required. Key to the success of the project so far has been the ability of the Project Workers to develop trusting and supportive relationships with young people allowing them to challenge themselves to move forward in a safe and productive environment.

As the young person moves towards their vocational goals, the Project Workers will liaise with employers, colleges and schools to ensure support is in place where required, and advocate on behalf of the young person to ensure their voice is heard effectively.

This project is funded by The Henry Smith Charity