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What is HeadStart Kernow?

HeadStart Kernow is a partnership programme to develop resilience and mental well-being in young people. It is Cornwall Council-led and Big Lottery-funded.

HeadStart Kernow is:

  • focused on young people aged 10 – 16 as evidence clearly demonstrates that half of diagnosed lifetime mental ill-health cases begin before the age of 14, and 75% before the age of 18;
  • co-produced with young people who inform and influence it and are key stakeholders;
  • universal, and about prevention with targeted support;
  • a  ‘Test and Learn’ programme;
  • striving to achieve system change;
  • doing things differently – we embrace new and innovative ways of thinking and working and people are at the forefront of what we do.

The HeadStart Kernow partnership

The HeadStart Kernow partnership will build the resilience and mental well-being of young people who have asked us to ensure that:

  • ‘We can understand our own thoughts and emotions and can talk openly when we need help.’
  • ‘People around us know the signs and know what to do when we are struggling.’
  • ‘Help is reliable and consistent; we will know who we can trust to help us to help ourselves.’
  • ‘We are helped to cope with the pressures of life, including online.’
  • We learn and share what we have learnt.

Cornwall was awarded £8.9m from the Big Lottery Fund for HeadStart Kernow which Cornwall Council is leading on behalf of the HeadStart Kernow Partnership Board (HSKPB).  The HSKPB is a multi-agency group with representation from Schools, NHS Kernow, Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust, Public Health and the Voluntary Community Sector on behalf of the One Vision Board.  The HSKPB works with the HeadStart Young People’s Board to ensure the voice of young people influences the shape and delivery the programme, locally and nationally