When I started at Pentreath I felt really low and had zero motivation although I know ultimately where I wanted to be.  I would just spend every day in bed doing nothing.  Since meeting my advisor who has used positive motivation I no longer feel worthless.  It has resulted in me gaining employment.  I feel I have matured, have a future and now look forward to each day instead of dreading it.  It is amazing what giving yourself a purpose can do.

Pentreath have opened my eyes to new and good opportunities to help me build confidence and understanding into my situation. Through one-to-one, group sessions, courses, referrals and guidance.  I feel I have gained confidence to start to re-join  “The Real World” by gradual public transport trips, which I can now achieve a very short distance on my own which was once unthinkable.  I now have the knowledge and coping strategies to continue this progress.  They have supported me to retraining courses – although this has been difficult in adult learning arena I would highly recommend Pentreath’s services to anyone with similar circumstances.  Thank you Pentreath!