When I first started I was very scared and my anxiety was high.  Since working with Sue she has shown me different techniques on how to deal with a situation.  Sue has also given me lots of information which was helpful.  The task sheets that Sue brought along for me to complete was rather helpful.  By breaking everything down and making me look at it in more detail, really made me think.  Brilliant advisor, good understanding nature.  Very friendly.

Before working with Pentreath I rarely left my house and was in a constant state of low mood.  Initially I met with Adam and we went out for walks, played tennis and pool, it was the first time in years I had fun.  I am more comfortable leaving the house now.  Pentreath got me in touch with Cornwall Dyslexia Association and took me to a visual awareness course which was really helpful and I am doing a course with them in January.  I have also started a course with C.M.T. in numeracy and a Job Skills course, although it’s hard and tiring I have attended 5 days a week 9.30 – 4 and I finally feel that I might have a future.  This was made possible by Pentreath, so thanks.