My outlook advisor suggested that I contact Pentreath for help and guidance.

Meeting  my advisor, Olivia, for the first time, I was initially quite nervous as I didn’t know what help Pentreath could be. Olivia immediately put me at my ease, allowing me to explain my issues and problems.  Over the course of several weeks she kept in regular contact, assessing my needs and offering well researched advice on job applications, training, further education and how to approach the DWP.

She introduced me to a wide number of job sites and enabled me, by giving me a soundboard  for discussion and reflection and most importantly helped me to begin to review my progress positively. I was also able to attend a Mental Health Awareness course run by Emma which helped me understand about my condition.

Ultimately after working together I was successful in finding and beginning a new career, with interesting work and most importantly people who are able to empathise with me and support me.

Thank you all for your help and allowing me to achieve what I thought was impossible.

When I started at Pentreath I felt really low and had zero motivation although I know ultimately where I wanted to be.  I would just spend every day in bed doing nothing.  Since meeting my advisor who has used positive motivation I no longer feel worthless.  It has resulted in me gaining employment.  I feel I have matured, have a future and now look forward to each day instead of dreading it.  It is amazing what giving yourself a purpose can do.